Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Just Roll With It

We are nearing the end of the school year here, and with that we have a few events and such to attend to support our wonderful children. Last night was a showcase choir concert for Carter, and it was over two hours long! His freshman group performed at the beginning and then again at the end with the combined choir. In between was about an hour and a half of  hard working, inspired singing that we did enjoy, but might rather have been at home instead of there. We do appreciate all of the effort and talent, but hadn't realized the length of time that we had committed to, so had postponed dinner until we could eat together. Well at 9:30 we all sat down and enjoyed a a re-heated but delicious pasta dish that Dave had prepared earlier. All in all it was an entertaining evening and Carter was fantastic, we can't wait to watch him perform in the future. All said and done our theme for the day was "just roll with it". Sometimes the best memories we have made are the ones that weren't planned and came with unexpected circumstances. These are the times that I will surely miss most when the children are all grown and onto their own adventures.


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