Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sketch Challenge at Cornish Heritage Farms

Julia created this wonderful sketch for this week's sketch challenge!
I didn't have two smaller pictures, so I used a larger one for my take on it.

Today has been a crazy day, a constant go from dawn until dusk, those kind of days just wipe me out! The fun part is that the kids are over at the church right now volunteering for the little kids Halloween carnival, super cute!! Tyler even made a couple dozen cupcakes all by himself for this!

I am really excited, the Creative blog for CHF has been so well received! It makes me sigh a big breath of relief! That has been a large undertaking, but it looks great and I love having a place to showcase the design teams constantly exceptional projects!!!!

Off to a quiet evening to decompress...


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Something fun to share, and I almost forgot...

Yeah, sorry two posts in one day, a little overkill dontcha think?!!!

I forgot to share on Monday a fun link that I am so excited about!

Go visit the Queen and Co. blog! The super talented and wonderfully sweet Leah LaMontagne invited me to share a layout I had made with their fabulous felt.

Thanks for letting me ramble, LOL!

Fall Harvest

It is a Saturday Evening Post release day at CHF, and I love this line! The nostalgia is so thick for this line of art for me! I just loved looking at the art at my Grandparents house and waited with anticipation every week for the next intriguing and inspiring issue!
I had a little time to make a card for this release, I just love the colors of Autumn, and this card reminds me of apple cider, crisp mornings and falling leaves.
Prism smooth cardstock with Adirondack in ginger and espresso rolled on the edges of the stamp gives it a nice vintage look with not a lot of effort. A little ribbon and a crocheted flower and it looks done to me!
Have a wonderful fall day, and be sure to visit the new CHF creative blog, lots to look at there!

Monday, October 27, 2008

What is better than 120 brand new colored pencils?

Seriously? 120 brand new Prismacolor Premier, unsharpened colored pencils that are now mine!
And what could be better than that? I got them with a 50% off coupon when Jo-ann's had a coupon that I just couldn't turn down! They smell so good, and I get to sharpen them one at a time all by myself, WOOT!
I have always loved coloring, even as a little girl, I would lay down layers of colors and shading. Trying new combinations and stroke weight was something I could do for hours in my grandparents homes while life swirled on around me. I would get lost in the colors and that fabulous crayola smell!
This wonderful bucket of goodness takes me right back to being a kid again, and the thrill of layering and shading has me so excited! I have so many stamps that I can't wait to get inky and then color with these bad boys!
On a different note, I have a happy link to share!
Cornish Heritage Farms has a creative blog! I have been spending a lot of time working on it, and I am thrilled that it is up and running! Stop by tomorrow if you have a minute, I think you will find a lot of reasons to visit often ;)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tug of war anyone?

The babies have had a very busy and creatively destructive week. I really thought that the new bones would slow them down for a bit on the search and destroy program, but that isn't how it worked out. While Dave and I were out for a quiet dinner together at the Porcupine (a favorite local restaurant that is doing an Oktoberfest menu!) the boys got into my make-up bag and chomped it all. When we got home I panicked when I saw red spots on Novak's leg...

They play so hard that little dings and cuts are quite common and require cleaning but aren't devastating.

But this was big globs of red and set me to quite a panic. Then Tyler said, "Mom, I told you that they got into your make-up". Oh, right. Are you kidding me, this is not what I quite had in mind when I visualized that they had made a new mess. Not someone who wears makeup everyday, this was not news that had me upset, it just amazes me what they find to get into trouble with. The make-up bag was left unharmed, just the bits and baubles were strewn around and chewed on. Such goofy boys!

I have unintentionally mislead you with the idea that there is a new baby in the mix. Sorry about that, the layout was just one that I had made telling the story of the adjustment at home, bad timing on sharing it.

So the boys like the tug-of-war with nasty bits of rope that they have chewed off of a big hunk of rope that their dad gave them. The piece that they are holding here is about 15 inches long, and
totally slobbery and gross. Of course that makes it even more fun! They brought it to Laurel and
she got bamboozled into a game with them, and I was lucky to catch a bit of it! They are huge, but she is tough, and they were all pulling each other around the yard with that slimy bit of rope!

Good entertainment!

So if you made it this far in this post, you must be a saint! We really do have other interesting things going on in our lives, but this just felt like a
nice day to tell a longer story.

Hope you have a little creative chaos in your life too...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The babies...

Are seriously going to be the death of me, LOL!
They are so energetic and curious that nothing is safe from them! The latest victims are pizza boxes that were not put in the recycling bin, a cute plastic halloween cup from a group of 6 that my mom gave us to help celebrate the season, a ceramic skeleton decoration that was knocked off the entry way table, a chapstick (tasted too minty so was chomped just enough to be rendered unusable) the beanie baby bats were all slobbery after they were pulled off of their hanging places on the entertainment center, a few apples from the bowl in the center of the kitchen island and a "gift" left in the dining room. ugh.
It ends up being funny later, but when you walk in on the result of their efforts, not so much.
So to reward them for their hard work I went to the butcher at our market and bought them new bones. This always keeps them out of trouble for a few days, the chewing keeps them from working on something else and the enthusiasm for this work tires them out quickly and they rest better, thus leaving less of a destructive wake. Good times!
In spite of all of this, we just adore the "boy-zois" and can't imagine how quiet (and clean) it would be with out them!
Anyone want to dogsit for us when we have to travel?

Monday, October 20, 2008

Late night Monday

Having a hard time packing it in tonight, tired, but rest is not coming easily, so I thought why not get a little blog post up?

A new Method Playground goes up tomorrow, so I might as well share the layout that I did for the challenge of mega-dimension! I really tried hard to stack it up, and there are some parts of the layout that stick up over an inch away from the background!

(That is bumpy even for me, LOL!)

While I am enjoying my insmonia, the tivo is keeping me company. I have some new fav shows that are making the tivo cut, Fringe is one of them. Have you seen this show yet? Kind of an X-Files type of show. Loads of great effects and some really out of the box writing, good stuff! Of course the other members of the tivo team are Chuck, Heroes, My Name is Earl, The Office and Desperate Housewives.

So, anyone else up crocheting and watching tivo? ;)


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Happy 19th Birthday Tyler!!!

What a day, Tyler celebrated his big day by bossing us around and kicking his feet up! We watched a "Chuck" marathon, thanks to aunt Rox and uncle Bret! Then the new Indiana Jones movie and now the baseball game. I told you he had his feet up, LOL!

His request for a birthday "cake" was pie...

Pumpkin today and Apple tomorrow.

Speaking of apple, a layout I made after his graduation earlier this year telling the tale of how is getting ready to move on in his life.

So not ready.

Another big moment today, he finished his mission paperwork and will be turning it in tomorrow. Proud and and sad all in one moment. It really was just yesterday that we celebrated his first birthday with a costume party with family and neighbors and he was dressed like a little jail bird. (Very funny when he was in his crib for a nap!)


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What is UEA?

UEA weekend is here, and as a family, we are ready to have a long rest! When we moved to Utah 12 years ago we had this break in the school year in the fall that we just didn't understand. What is this UEA weekend about? What does it mean? The acronym is for Utah Education Association. The school teachers have a convention and union meetings, and yes, they take Thursday and Friday off to do these meetings. This means that kids that are tired, and parents that are tired of their tired kids, get a break! And right about now it is really appreciated! As for the teachers, you know they are even more grateful for a respite than the rest of us, LOL! We have sleeping in to do, fall pictures to take, and lots of television to watch!
So if you had an extra four quiet days to your family what would you do?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Snowy October Sunday

We have had a busy week, not much time to create, but we did get the halloween decorations out! I made this while in Colorado at the Scrap Pink crop. The joke for the first two days was that all I had been able to get done was one card. While this was true in measurement of projects, the other intangibles that I had accomplished were substantial!

The project was made with Pink Paislee papers and Making Memories velvet rub-ons, very fun to play with!

We are off to the parents house for the afternoon, for dinner and a visit.


Wednesday, October 08, 2008

New Method Playground challenge!

This challenge was given by Paloma, and I enjoyed it so much that I made two projects! The challenge was to get out that basket of rub-ons and use them! Create a project that uses up a bunch of those gorgeous rub-ons that are collecting dust! On the first one I used a bunch from Fancy Pants and My Mind's Eye that I loved, just had never had the perfect project for (sound familiar?) So this time I planned the perfect project and let them be the star!
The second project was where I pushed my self even more and used just kraft and black. The Basic Grey rub-ons were leftover from a set I had already cut open and had left languishing and waiting for some love. This project really speaks to me because it helped me find a story that needed to be told, and to do it in a different and very memorable way. (It is a disney page!)
If you can find some time to play, leave a link at the Method Playground blog and you might win a RAK.

Beautiful day here in Utah, I really should be out with the camera snapping a few pics, the colors are so phenomenal!

So excited, I just got plans made to go to Vancouver B.C. in November, and I can't wait! I love visiting with Christina, Terry, Kodi and LuLu!!! My family pretends to miss me, but they will start making their "list of movies to watch while mom is gone" now.

Funny to see what dad lets them get away with while I am away...

(That is okay, I let them get away with a few things while he is gone too. ssssshhh don't tell him)


Monday, October 06, 2008

Quick Card Challenge Chicks

This Monday's challenge was a quick card!

I would have thought that this would have been hard for me because I do like my techniques, layers and "stuff", but this little card was actually really quick!
I stamped the little monster from the "Lil Guy" set by Kim Hughes in Adrirondack "pool", "stream", and "denim". Then just used a square punch to punch the two sizes of squares. The sentiment is from the Rummage Bin "Round and Round" set. To get the varigated look, just apply ink in the lightest color in the middle of the stamp and then apply the two darker colors on the edges.

Lisa Silver

Hope you find some time to play!!!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

We have a winner!

Congrats linda patti tpatt!!!

Send me an email with your information and I will get stamps sent out to you.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and helped me celebrate, your kind comments and wonderful support are so appreciated! It is really exciting to be starting my fourth year, it really doesn't seem like it could have been that long since I first started! I need to do a project about time flying I guess, LOL!

I took a little time to do a digi on thursday night while watching the VP debate. The picture is of Laurel in her jammies during the middle of the day wearing her Skull Candies, Facebooking, and drinking a GI-normous diet coke from the Sevs.

And then a card I made using a bunch of my favorite products.

The Cornish Heritage Farms Houndstooth backgrounder stamped with a very light versamagic onto Jenni Bowlin paper, and Pink Paislee fussy cut and a Daisy D's jounaling label with a Mona Lisa Moment sentiment. I loved World Card Making day yesterday, I got a few fun things done and it was great to hang out on some of the boards visiting with other stampers and cardmakers!

How was your WCMD? Did you get lots done or spend time with favorite crafting friends whooping the day up? Or maybe you had the chance to get away to a favorite store for a few minutes to peruse the wide variety of products that are available for our creative play? How ever it was spent for you, I hope that it was wonderful!

I am going to spend a little time with the fam before another hectic week of school and work interfere, hope you can do the same!


Saturday, October 04, 2008

Happy World Card Making Day!!!!

I am so excited that it is finally here! I have been working on this for months, planning and organizing, so watching it all blossom is so exciting!!!

A few fun things to check out for some great inspiration.

Scrapbook and Cards Today blog has a fabulous post with cards from some amazing card designers with instructions! This card was the one that I did, and if you are interested in how it gets put together, go visit! Leave a comment with them as well, and you might win a wonderful goodie package!

I am also hosting a "Make it Sparkle" challenge at Two Peas for Stamptoberfest

That goes on all week, so you have plenty of time to play if you are interested. This card has the Starry night and Wood Grain backgrounders and the Vintage Signage from the Rummage Bin, and of course LOTS of glitter!

And last but definitely not least is the celebration we have going on at Cornish Heritage Farms where we have chats with designers, challenges and give aways going on this afternoon!
This little card has all three of the challenges combined on project. The challenges are "Let it snow" "Use an non-traditional color combination" and "Sparkle". The give aways are good ones, so I hope you have time to play!!!
I had intended to post a winner to my Blog-a-versary post, but Tyler had his wisdom teeth out yesterday, so I got a little behind in my life! The good news is that I don't have time to do it right now either, so there is still time to post to that to have a chance to win!
I hope that you catch the spirit of the day the way I have, World Card Making Day is such a wonderful premise because it is about giving! Making something from your heart and giving it away! It doesn't get much better than that!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

My dog sings...

We have very special puppies, they both have very fun, interesting and unique personalities! A few weeks ago we learned that Novak likes to sing with Laurel when she plays on the piano. Some notes evoke more emotion than others and a board sweep turns Novak into Sarah Brightman, so for your viewing and listening pleasure, I present Novak...

Yes, he does kiss me and bonk me on the nose pretty hard in his enthusiasm, so it could probably qualify for America's funniest Home videos because someone suffers some pain, LOL! And this is the sofa that is the "snack, resting place and perch" as you may well notice. Even just a month ago it had been intact and unnoticed. It was when Novak found his love for music that the boy-zois then noticed the exceptional qualities of this furniture...

Oh well.

And good news for Kelly Bee! You were randomly selected to receive the copy of "Papercrafting 3 Ways" for the World Card Making Day give away, CONGRATS!!! Thanks to all of you who posted for that, it is something that I am very excited about!

So who is interested to watch the VP debate this evening? I know I am. Well, we have to because Laurel needs the extra credit for her Government class, and there is literally nothing else on. But this time around I am actually intrigued. I find myself to be one of those people that is actually on the fence with both candidates for a lot of reasons, and I think this debate will be quite informative.

I will be selecting a winner from my Blog-a-Versary post tomorrow, so if you haven't posted, there is still time! I will probably be throwing a few other goodies in there because of the craft room situation, if that is okay ;o)