Thursday, September 29, 2005


So, I did it. In May, I finally graduated from the University of Utah with my degree In Economics. I was afraid of math. I had to take six courses in math. I hadn't written a paper in 15 years, I had to write a lot of papers. I was "old", I am about twice the age of the freshmen just starting their collegiate adventures. But I was accepted and encouraged by the students and faculty, and had an exceptional experience with finishing my education. I was successful in that I loved my major. I was successful in that I made many new friends. I was successful in my grades in that I was able to graduate Cum Laude (top 8% approx.) and with honors. I was successful in that I set a good example for my children, in that I believe an education is important.
Now, what will I do with a degree in Economics? Be a stay at home mother. I feel that I still have much to do in the upbringing and molding of my children. Their well being and the need for me to support them in this part of their journey is very important to me. So why did I go back and finish my degree? Because everyone needs a "B" plan, and if something were to happen to Dave, or I needed to go back , I would be a better provider. You never know. So right now, I am practicing my career in "Beckonomics". That could be described as trying to do the best that I can with each day that I have with my kids! Posted by Picasa
Myself, Dad, Roxanne, Ryan and Chad! Posted by Picasa

More pictures from Graduation

Proudly displaying my wrinkles and diploma! Posted by Picasa
Mom (Ruth), Dad (Richard) and I! Posted by Picasa
Carter and I! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Self declared Paper Snob, are you?

Yes, I am a paper snob. What does that mean in the real world? That you are insane, that you spend unreasonable amounts of time wandering through craft, stationary and scrapbooking stores looking for the latest and greatest designs by the most fabulous of manufacturers. When thus finding those elusive pieces of paper, you then spend way too much for them, $ .50, $.80, ... up to $1.00 for a sheet of paper. CRAZY!
It may seem that way, but to me, I look at them, fondle, admire and stare at their beauty! I try to match them to the "perfect" picture. A way to tell the story of my family and their adventures that lets me create a piece of art that I am hoping will be treasured by others in the years and generations to come. Elaborate, extravagant and time consuming, but something that I love to do so much. It takes the perfect piece of paper for me to trust it with my family's important memories. Paper snob, maybe, but challenged artist and satisfied historian for sure. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Guy with a big pink bag!

Now that is a man who is secure in his masculinity! He is perfectly accessorized with four wonderful kids and his incredibly gorgeous wife (hehe!) so the pink bag was really just an afterthought, but doesn't it look great!
How mad can you get a a man who is willing to hold all the sweaters , sunscreen, snacks and a big camera for the day at a theme park?
He does make me so crazy pretty much all the time, and then I see these pictures, and I can let go of some of my irritation! Thanks for being the man that you are Dave, and keep trying to get where you want to go, it is better to try and fail and grow from the experience, than to never try at all, and miss out on the growth. Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 26, 2005

Just call him...

This is what life as a three-legged dog is like! We call him stumpy, tripod, gimpy etc. But mostly he is called lucky! That is my life, If I could be as lucky, happy and well adjusted as my three legged dog, then it would be the perfect life!
My goal is to be like my three legged dog, because, have you ever seen anything that looks as content and as peaceful about where they are in their life than this dog does?
Hopefully, this lesson is learned for me.
B- Posted by Picasa

This is the place for me to unload, to upload, and reload.

So, to blog or not to blog, that is the question.
Do you blog, why or why not?
I have wanted to get the blog on, but I have been holding out. Thinking I will just be doing it because everyone else is, not because I NEED to!

Well I have arrived at the day, where I need to!
Sanity, serenity NOW!
Was just at a friends blog, which of course is amazing because she is amazing, and I realized, it is that day.
Just do it.
Jessie, thanks for the MOJO, as always girl, you do so rock!

I have an incredible family, children, husband, siblings (especially Rox!) and parents. So grateful, for that! Have a pretty goodlife, there will always be more to come on those details, but it is a big challenge sometimes, just like everyones else's!
Anyway, this will be a great place for me to leave some thoughts, feelings and opinions.
I am obnoxious, hard-headed, and rough around the edges. I could potentiallyleave something here that would hurt someone's feelings if read wrong, that is not my intention!
So BIG disclaimer:
Don't read if you don't want to know how my sick mind works.
I can never be mean intentionally, but I can be a big !
So that is that!
Will the first post be the best post?
We'll see...