Monday, July 23, 2007

A night to ourselves!

Rick and Brianna took the kids today to spend the day and night with the cousins for pioneer day eve (Pioneer Day, it's a Utah thing).
So Dave and I have had the late afternoon and evening to ourselves.
It is really weird to have no one home, this nevers happens, usually someone wants to be an "only" child when there is a cousin night. But not this time.
So I have been cooking our favorite pulled pork recipe and making a greek pasta salad for our day tomorrow with the family.
We took our long walk, and had a big salad for dinner.
I am almost done with my MMM entry, got a little more done today, so glad!

So anyone ready to talk Harry Potter with me?
We got our copies at Borders which was incredible, they had to have sold a couple of thousand books at that midnight party! By 12:10, we had our two copies in hand with a couple of posters also!
I started reading at about 12:30 and kept going until about 4:00. Got up the next morning at around ten and started reading again off and on throughout the day, laughing, crying, wondering and guessing. By 10:30 that night I was done and ready to chat! But I couldn't, Laurel who had the other copy was just a little behind and didn't want to talk, she wanted to finish!
So I spent the day yesterday waiting for her to finish so we could finally talk about it!
Anyway, it was fabulous and I think anyone who is a fan will be satisfied with the ending!

Anyway, Dave and I are going to go watch a movie, have a porcupine for dessert (another Utah thing!) and enjoy our very quiet home.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Book 7 of Harry Potter!

So we have it on pre-order at Borders, and they are having a big midnight buy your book party tonight!

We will be there, waiting with millions of other excited fans to receive the last installment of the story that has swept us through the last tens years of incredible fantasy and unfortunate reality.

The parallels that J.K. finds are wonderful, and I am sure this last book won't disappoint.

I have had a bit of the slowdown in my creative mojo these last few weeks, but I have been trying to just keep pushing through and creating something everyday.
It is a goal for me, to learn to not worry so much about how perfect it is or isn't (usually the latter, LOL!)
But I have to set goals, or I tend to lose interest and motivation. So my goal for this summer was to enter the Memory Makers Masters contest. I am so close to being done, but the last touches and thoughts are eluding me and it is so frustrating. I hate to even submit for anything if it doesn't meet a certain standard, but this time I will just have to let go of those issues and send it in, just to make myself finish that goal.
Not sure why I do these things to myself, but I do end up stronger and more determined in the end, so I am hoping that the ends justify the means, LOL!
Anyway, a completely pointless post, but needed to ramble.
Wish I were in Chicago with Mary Kay cruising the new product releases, but I will be using Harry to comfort my mind.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Yes, we won!

The team that is.

My partner and I lost playing line one to a really tough but fun pair. One of the gals was about 6'1" and could reach everything, the other was a gal who was super fast and could chase down almost every ball. The had both played a lot of competitive volleyball too, which means that they have BIG overheads and great hands at the net. It was good tennis, just hate not winning!

But both of our singles gals won and the line three doubles team won also (that is where Lois and I usually play, pout) which gave us a 3-2 victory over this team!

Yippee! We get to go to districts with the other 3 top teams from the state and play a round robin to see which team will represent Utah at the sectional tournament in the middle of August, very exciting, and it will be good hard tennis!

In other news, I have been struggling with trying to decide whether or not to enter the Memory Makers Masters contest. I have some nice things cooking, but just can't seem to find the drive to take the stuff to the next level. And that is where it has to be to win, and I (obviously, hehehe!) don't like to play if I can't win!

Tyler is back from his 50 miler scout camp week. They had a great time, but because he is 17 (almost 18) he chose to not use a disposable camera so I could have pics. grrrr.

Oh, well.


Wednesday, July 11, 2007



I am now sipping at my free Pina Colada slurpee!

No pics though, it is stormy and icky out today, so we dumped the camera!

I have to admit when I got up this morning from seeing the movie, to go play tennis, I was a little tired!
It took me a while to unwind and fall asleep last night, the movie was really good! And if you have the chance to see the 3-d version, try it, it really was fun!
I put together this layout for a 5 product challenge at Creating Inspirations. I have a bit of a funny look on my face because I am on a ski lift holding the camera out in front of us trying to take the picture without losing balance on the lift chair and sliding out!
I know I am super biased, but my Carter just has the sweetest face! And he really is that nice pretty much all the time, a truly tender and kind hearted little guy!
And he is so fun to hang out with, he is always game for whatever is going on!
In tennis, big news! Our team is in second in our league flight and if we can win even one of our lines out of five in our match tomorrow we will get to go to districts for play-offs! So I hope I can get a big W tomorrow! So far my partner and I are undefeated, but we will have a very tough team tomorrow, so keep your toes crossed for us!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Cool goings on tonight!
At 12:01 we will be sitting in the movie theater watching Harry Potter!
We went to the grocery store and spent a boatload on candy, and I took a nap earlier so that I could make it through the almost 3 hour movie!
The kids are just dancing with anticipation, and the coolest part about seeing the opening night show is that we are in the I-MAX theater, so part of it will be in 3-d!
I will have to give you a re-cap later, but it looks to be completely amazing!
Also, don't forget that tomorrow is July 11th, 7-11!
7-11 has a cool thing on their birthday, the give out free slurpees to anyone who wants one! We make this an all day event with comings and goings, and our 7's has all the great flavors right now with Pina Colada being the all time best flavor EVER!
There will for sure be pics of us making ourselves sick from that!

Monday, July 09, 2007

A week being Tyler free!

He just got into the car with his enourmous backpack and is on his way to the Tetons in Wyoming to go camping with his scout troop! This is their 50 miler trip, and that back pack was BIG! Good luck to ya big T!

So this week still has me in a big swirlie, don't know whether I am coming or going but what can I do about?


So, there is some tennis for me, the midnight showing of "Harry Potter" on Wednesday night for all of us, and suome regular old bumming around the house and being absorbed into the sofas for the kids.

I would really be grateful if the crosswinds in my life let up a little, but we need change, so you have to put up with the wind if you expect to go anywhere. This is hard for me, (bit of a closet control freak, LOL!) but I know it will all eventually make sense so I am just trying to go with it at the moment!

The good part is that I have been scrapping my little heart out! The things that need to get done are getting done and the things that I can't get done for various reasons will be able to get done when it is time.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Thursday, July 05, 2007


The latest challenge at the StudioWERX Street Team blog is using stitching in a project. (see link in sidebar below)
This was a fun challenge for me, I love to stitch on my projects, so this challenge got done!
As for challenges, life has been giving me a truckload of them lately.
Well yesterday was no exception to the plague of challenges, I got stung by a bee (wasp?) in the middle of a tennis match. Haven't been stung since I was a little kid, but allergy runs in our family. It scared me, and left my shoulder where I was stung quite pained and the fest of me light headed and kind of achy, let alone the grumpy factor.
We spent the afternoon at my brother's house with all of his friends and family, what a fiasco.
It was a little much for me with how my body was feeling.
Anyway, today I have spent in the quiet trying to get my head back onto my shoulders. I have been letting the smallest things get to me, and I really need to get over it!