Thursday, September 28, 2006


I have a hard time getting projects finished without a deadline.
I get too picky! I want everything to be perfect, and if left to my own time, it is never good enough to be "finished".
So I had a project that I had started that I wanted to be just right.
I wasn't finishing it so I decided literally 12 hours before the deadline of MM Idol that I should enter. So I finshed the project, and so glad that I made myself have a deadline, because now it is finished and I love it!
Anyway, so not really holding out hope that I will be the next MM Idol, but I am glad I used a deadline to get a very important project done!
On other fronts, I have managed to drop a few pounds (about a pant size). It is fall here and it is gorgeous. The Snowbird Canyon Raquet Club will officially be closed Saturday forever. My kids are great and Dave and I are communicating better lately.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Girl Friends

Every girl needs them!
They are sanity when we have none. They are safe harbor for secrets we wish we didn't have. They are silver linings when we just see clouds.
I got to spend Saturday with girlfriends, and it was great!
We did a crop at Pebbles, and we just giggled and pretended to do useful things. It was great! Of course there are those who actually do get lots done, but that usually isn't me!
Thanks ladies, and you know who you are, for being the girlfriends!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Been to long

It has been exactly a month since I last posted.
I have lost weight, (woohooo!)
I have had a dear friend lose her husband to a heart attack. Beyond sad.
I have played and lost in two tennis tournaments (with tough matches, boohoo!)
I have four kids in four different schools.
I have been creating digital layouts, so relazing.
I have been organizing a very cool album class with a very cool teacher.
I have been growing in some ways and failing in others, and I am ok with it.
I have amazing friends and a wonderful family.
I am blessed.