Thursday, September 28, 2006


I have a hard time getting projects finished without a deadline.
I get too picky! I want everything to be perfect, and if left to my own time, it is never good enough to be "finished".
So I had a project that I had started that I wanted to be just right.
I wasn't finishing it so I decided literally 12 hours before the deadline of MM Idol that I should enter. So I finshed the project, and so glad that I made myself have a deadline, because now it is finished and I love it!
Anyway, so not really holding out hope that I will be the next MM Idol, but I am glad I used a deadline to get a very important project done!
On other fronts, I have managed to drop a few pounds (about a pant size). It is fall here and it is gorgeous. The Snowbird Canyon Raquet Club will officially be closed Saturday forever. My kids are great and Dave and I are communicating better lately.

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