Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Teenagers and Husbands....

Had the biggest panic today doing carpool!
Laurel and Chloe always call and let me know where they are on the walk to the elementary school where I pick up Carter, and I scoop them from whereever they might be along the way.
Well, today, Laurel never called. So I called her about four times with no answer. Yikes I was scared and worried! Had something happened to them while walking, had there been an accident at school, you know, all the scenarios run through your head. I pick up Carter and then go to the Jr. high to see if I can track down the girls. I see Chloe immediately, but no Laurel. What? Chloe has no clue and had been sitting patiently at the place that she and Laurel have designated as their meeting place for after school.
This just makes me more worried! Where could she possibly be? I run into the office and let them know that I am concerned about the location of my missing teenager, something that I am sure they deal with on a daily basis. But it is new to me! She looks at me calmly and lets me know that she was thinking Laurel had signed up for a make-up class that was being held after school today and would I like her to call the class room and find out for sure? Heck yeah (I said in my mind) as I politely reply would you mind, that would help me a lot! She gets right back to me and says "Mrs. McDonald has Laurel there and expects to be done at 4:00". Great. It was decided while I was out of town (of course) with her dad and he gave her the ok without mentioning it to me. I call him and ask him if he had know about this and got the "oh yeah, I forgot to tell you". Great.
Is it just me? Would you absolutely just lose it? I was really scared and beyond concerned. I know we live in a relatively safe neighborhood, but that doesn't mean that something bad can't happen, I lived in So. Cal for too long I know better.
So had the chat with the daughter about being responsible for telling both parents what is going on and then using the phone we gave her for the intended use of keeping in touch. Then I have spent the rest of the evening torturing husband for getting "old timers"!
The life of a car pool queen, just one unending loop of school to school to school and then home. Yes, four kids and three different schools, none of which are within walking distance. Never mind that husband uses the train right now and likes to be dropped and picked up as well instead of using the bus.
Any suggestions?

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Whirlwind Weekend in St. Louis!

We worked hard, we played hard and I made some great new friends! Got to travel with Little Black Dress Designs for the CKC at the Gateway center.
What a fabulous weekend!
Of course sleep was not really happening but I caught up on that today.
This is a hairdo that Tina came up with at the end of the day on Saturday, it explains a lot actually! She is a blast, so creative and so generous! She taught two classes on Saturday that were so well received that we ran out of chairs! People came into the booth after and said that it was one of the best classes that they had ever had, WTG Tina!

Debby is so talented, and so patient! I was the newbie, and she walked me through so many of the processes of the weekend with such kindness! We have so much in common too it was almost spooky, LOL! We heard so many compliments about the booth and how it was so many peoples favorite, it is because Debby and Cindi know what Tina needs before Tina can even ask, and they just do it! What great examples of loyalty and exceptional customer service! Love ya girl!
We shared many inside jokes most of which I was on the outside of, but instantly felt included because of the warmth and humor that these ladies all share! I don't need no stinkin' pass! They let me right into the club!
Cindi and I were closer in proximity! But at least she doesn't snore! She is also very talented and has a huge heart! She had a big scare on Friday when the tornadoes were in Tennessee, and we were so relieved when she got the calls that all was well! The four of us shared french fries, the bathroom, Krispy Kreme doughnuts and lots of laughs, I am so lucky to have had such a great experience! Thanks girls for keeping an eye on me!
I also had the opportunity to catch up with Erika Hayes from Tracy's Pen and the ya-ya crabshack sisterhood, and she looks fabulous! She is a hoot, and keeps me in line as well! Kisses to you too chickie!
Well, I had to come home and sleep the day away today from too much fun, but it was good to get back to the family! I did miss them, and they might of noticed that I had gone missing at some point as well!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Tyler is going to New York...

And neither Dave nor I have been! So totally and completely JEALOUS and very excited for him! His AP Art History class is taking avery small group and doing a whirlwind tour! He is so thrilled, and I think it is just such a great experience to have as a 16 year old kid to go on such an amazing trip!
My payback is that I am going to go to Vancouver to visit with Christina and Terry Lazar, in the beginning of May, and I can't wait! They are doing their warehouse sale, and we are going to drive to Whistler and be tourists!
Right now I am getting packed up to go to St. Louis to help Tina with the Little Black Dress booth, and that will be fun! She had an important Birthday this week , and we need to help her celebrate! I need gift ideas for the woman who has everything, that would be something that I can afford, LOL!
Anyway, a change of pace and scenery will do me good. I will enjoy clearing my head of the heartbreak that this month has brought and having the company of good friends and a different city will be refreshing.
As some retail therapy, I ordered the Jenni Bowlin kits for the month, and can't wait to get them!
When I get back from St. Louis I will be preparing the design team kits for Lazar Studiowerx and getting them shipped out to the wonderful gals on that team, there are some great things in store for them, and I can't wait to see what their creative minds will come up with!
Anyway, thanks all for the positive energy, every little bit has helped!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sunday morning

As gloomy and terrible as yesterday was, it is the exact opposite today.
The sun is shining there is not a cloud in the sky and all is calm.
Such a lesson for me here. I really need to remember to enjoy and appreciate the calm while I have it. It is so rare and precious and provides us with the strength to weather the storms that life brings.

The crocus are the first sign of spring here, and they know how to weather a storm. They grow low to the ground so they can retain warmth from the earth. They don't have big leaves that can be frost bitten. Their blooms are very beautiful when open but they know when to close to prevent the snow from coming in and burdening their tiny petals from too much weight. They are the first food for the bees coming out of their rest and they provide much beauty to those who are looking for it.
Heavenly Father gives us examples of ways to live beautiful lives in all the wonders around us, they just need to be observed to have value. I need to learn from the crocus that there is time to come out and be beautiful after the storms have passed.

Saturday, April 01, 2006


I know I will be for a while.
Losing Wendy and Avalanche within two weeks is a lot for me.

I saw the parallel in their paths with the battles they fought, and even though I knew with Avalanche what the inevitable was, didn't expect it with Wendy. I really knew she had the faith and strength to fight through it. Heavenly Father just needed her more than we did. It was so emotional to see her parents, her husband and her kids. I haven't cried like that ever. I love them all so much too, but for some reason that I will never understand, or question we had a bond that made her feel like a sister to me. Seeing her in her casket with her temple clothes on reminded me of the day she and Rick got married, and I got to go with her into the brides room as her sister. The excitement and the glow on her beautiful face is still so fresh in my mind, it was only ten years ago.
She was without spot.
So good and unassuming and generous.
Her son Dallas said to her husband Rick, "It isn't fair dad, you got twelve years with her and I only got eight." Out of the mouths of babes come the most profound and important things. In perspective, with eternity just around the corner for all of us, it is just a spec but what a blessing in our lives to find people who help pass the time here in a constructive and enjoyable way. That is Wendy, she knew how to have lots of good fun that was funny. (to quote the cat in the hat)
Wendy, I know you are just around the corner, and that we will be hanging out again soon enough, please don't have to much fun without me.
With Love!