Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sunday morning

As gloomy and terrible as yesterday was, it is the exact opposite today.
The sun is shining there is not a cloud in the sky and all is calm.
Such a lesson for me here. I really need to remember to enjoy and appreciate the calm while I have it. It is so rare and precious and provides us with the strength to weather the storms that life brings.

The crocus are the first sign of spring here, and they know how to weather a storm. They grow low to the ground so they can retain warmth from the earth. They don't have big leaves that can be frost bitten. Their blooms are very beautiful when open but they know when to close to prevent the snow from coming in and burdening their tiny petals from too much weight. They are the first food for the bees coming out of their rest and they provide much beauty to those who are looking for it.
Heavenly Father gives us examples of ways to live beautiful lives in all the wonders around us, they just need to be observed to have value. I need to learn from the crocus that there is time to come out and be beautiful after the storms have passed.

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