Friday, June 29, 2007

Back to blogging!

It has been a while.
I have been busy, but hiding a little too!
I have to admit that I have been feeling a little life stress, nothing huge, just enough to keep me honest.
The layout (a picture of Tyler from 13 years ago!) is from the July Kit at Creating Inspirations, Beth does a great job of combining product for the seasons, and this kit had a bunch of Janna by Junkitz in it, very happy and fun product! I love working with this team too, they are all very talented and the message board community is very welcoming and fun!

Playing a ton of tennis. I am really enjoying playing with a gal named Lois. We are very complimentary to each others games, and it has made competing very fun. She is talented, kind and a hard worker, she lets me make mistakes and she makes hers, and we know that it is with the best of intentions so it is all good, hard to find people like this!

Tyler has taken a job as a bag clerk at a local grocery store, and it is kicking his butt! He makes no money, works hard and is learning the value of an education, persistence and a dollar!

I can finally tell you where to go get those gorgeous digi kits from!

The site is called pcLayers and they have some amazing kit designers working for them!

They will have releases every week and I expect the message board and gallery to be exceptional! All of this along with tutorials and a talented DT, should make for a wonderful dig community!

Lazar Studiowerx street team has had some great inspirational creative challenges going on as well! The girls are taking turns being the guest blog author and are coming up with beautiful projects that are absolute eye candy!
Anyway, lots going on in my personal life that I have to get sorted out, hoping that I find some resolutions for some of it soon!
Other than that, I am a lucky girl!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Today is HER sweet 16 DAY!!!

The idea that she is Sixteen already is mind blowing to me!
It seems just like yesterday that she was an adorable toddler, then a wiggly kid with too much energy, then a gangly pre-teen. Now as as a Sixteen year old, she has blossomed! She is beautiful, kind and energetic!
I love her more everyday, even though she is so challenging, and hope that she has a very sweet Sixteen!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Some Rockin' Hambly coolness!

Have I mentioned that I have a bit of a thing for the Hambly?


It is a thing for me, love the colors, designs, fresh spins and the quality!

Quite simply Hambly Rocks.

So they did a little guest DT call for June (nope didn't get it) but I had a great time putting together this layout called {treasure} for it, and the Hambly blog has a great gallery from all of the people who sent projects in! Check it out, very inspiring!

I have family coming in today for a few days, very happy about that, and our 20th anniversary is tomorrow!

Big day!


Saturday, June 09, 2007

Beautiful Day!

So gorgeous today!
It was finally the perfect June weather, 78 degrees and sunny!
I went over to a friends house and we played tennis for a couple of hours, had some bagels and then I borrowed her adorable little corgie Rosie!
Rosie and I came home to the kids and Dave cleaning up the yard, very cool!
Rosie played with the kids got loved on tons and then I took her back to her mom who had missed her very much!
I then went and picked up a few digital kits from an amazing artist that I will get to tell you more about later, but let me just say, her family, her puppy, and her neighborhood are all completely adorable!
I brought the kits home and was so inspired that I made a few projects immediately and just loved how they turned out!
So grateful to have had such a beautiful day!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

April in June

The last two days have been just like April!

Doesn't the world weather guy know that I have four kids out for the school year? Doesn't said weather guy also know that they are wired bundles of energy that NEED to not be inside right now?

I am feeling so bad for them, once I get over my minor annoyance that they are slowly being absorbed into the sofas. Just to be able to kick them outside to play would burn off some of that crazy energy, but I don't have the heart to make them go outside in this weather!

On a different note, Dave and I are having a lot of things going on with long term decisions and tough choices. This is making it really tough for me to get my summer plans into action, we have so much stuff in the air, and we just don't know where things are going to land!

So I have to share this picture. I was flying Southwest (which is not my favorite airline) and they do cattle call seating. This guy to my left reminded me so much of my dad (not in any of the good ways) it just left me laughing to myself the entire flight (which thank goodness was only an hour)!
Anyway, tennis twice yesterday, fresh sourdough bread, two layouts and some good persoanl news made me a very happy girl!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Home again!

Quite the weekend!
I went to bed at about 1:00 am every night and up again at 8 ish in the mornings. I am completely exhausted, but my life got a reset.
I really needed just a completely unplugged, unmommy, unuseful weekend. And that was what this was for me! We giggled, ate great, and watched sappy movies what more could I ask for?
So being home again feels so good, the kids are happy to be with me and are kinder, and Dave always loves me a little more whenever I get back, such a good thing!
Reality has start to set back in, I went and hit a tennis ball today! Not pretty.
There are things to catch up on but I have new energy again so it will be loads of fun not a chore!
I have been doing a bunch of stuff in the 6x12 format and completely love it, so that also has been rejuvenating to me!
I am a very happy girl!