Sunday, February 25, 2007

Slippery Slope

Poor little Tori.
We had a plan, and it was a good one.
Take all the kids sledding at the elementary school, have some hot chocolate and then a dinner together...
sounds nice right?
Well we weren't at the school for even 15 minutes before Tori takes off after Tyler and she slips, falls and starts crying hysterically. She has been known to be a little dramatic so it took a few minutes to calm her down and figure out what was going on.
She hurt her leg when she slipped and there was a huge bump on it, if you tried to touch it, she went sideways with pain. We thought she might have fractured it, so we sent Rick and Bri with her to the hospital and we stayed with their 3 our4 and kept playing.
They called us a couple of hours later to let us know that it did indeed get broken and that they would be a few hours with the splinting and such.
It is a bummer that she got hurt so badly, and it was not doing any of the sledding, it was just from the pre-excitement goofies.
I see a big pack of sharpies is in her future.

update: So we were rude and continued to play. And of course, I did have to sled because I am a big goofball. Thought i would add some of the cute pics from the day!

We fed the kids little cesar's pizza and watched some movies until we got the call that we could bring them home. Tori is going to spend the next few days at home off of her leg, it can't be load bearing, and they need the swelling to go down before they can cast it.
Yeah, I had no gloves, and the gloves on the littlest one look a little big, pieces of the puzzle coming together, hehehehe!
Yup, hers got soaked, so she stole mine!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Just My Style

So one of the things I am constantly struggling with in Scrapbooking land is the need to have a style.

I have one, it is the do what ever I feel like doing when I feel like doing it.

Apparently this is not a recognized style, and one that most editors or owners prefer not to have to deal with, LOL!

I am a dress up when it is time to dress up, jeans and t-shirts for all the other times except when on the tennis court which is then a very cutesy short skirt and top.

And in spite of the fact that I have no style, will you still love me anyway?


Wednesday, February 21, 2007


So the story goes like this...
while at CHA I spent the entire week looking at the warty backside of the SandyLion booth.
Pooh, Tigger, Mater etc.
NOT good for the whole creativity feeling the mojo kind of thing, kwim?
So by the end of the week we had plenty of jokes at SandyLion's expense.
then Christina has the nerve to ask during breakdown if she can have the supergirl stickers that had been part of the mocking. The guy was very kind and went to check if they were a mock-up or the real thing. If they were real, then yes.
So of course they were real, after a few giggles and wondering what to do with them, Christina challenged me to use them in some campy way!
So here it is, two weeks later...
A poppety version of supergirl! Not terribly impressive, but very fun to do!
So here is the challenge if you are reading this:
Find something in your stash that isn't something that you would even consider using anymore and use it! Have fun with it and then share a link with me! I would love to see some silly crazy fun stuff!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Been able to get about a layout a day done, feeling like I'm on a bit of a roll!
Super mojo-nated with the arrival of both of my kit club boxes yesterday! Kind of wish that they would arrive like a week apart so it would feel like christmas more times a month! I love both of these clubs, and even though I live where I can find most of the things that come, I love surprises so much that this is a fun way to spend my scrapping money! It pushes me to use things that I wouldn't usually pick for myself and to enjoy special touches that I would never be able to find because they are made only for the subscribers of the clubs. LOVE that part, the extra little goodies are so cool!
The snow in my yard all melted this week because of rain storms, and I have to admit that I am sad! I love the snow, and I would love to have it around for much longer than the average person. I don't get cold, partially because I am really good at choosing layers and partially because I don't hold still for very long, LOL!
Dave is such an oven that if I do get chilled, I just make him be my personal heater for a minute and then voila, warm again!
It has been fun around here for the last day, my brother surprised his wife for her birthday (they both share the same day, but it was for her--no really...) by taking her to a nice hotel and a FAB dinner out last night. I took their four kids and we had the biggest slumber party last night! There are sleeping bags everywhere, and the house smells like pancakes!
I am missing a fundraiser crop that I have gone to for the last couple of years, but Rick and Bri really needed this! I am sure they won't even notice that I wasn't at the the crop, but my bro would have noticed if I hadn't been there for them! Anyway, they have such darling, hilarious girls that it is a hoot! Love those girls!
Anyway, still working on the special gift, another 2 am last night and I am only half way done (boo hoo!) but it wil get there, just not by tomorrow afternoon...
With the girls here and an obligation to play league tennis today, my day is a little full, I probably won't get to work on it until late this evening again.
We do what we can!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day!

Busy week so far!

Monday was hectic, but I got to catch up with a very dear friend! We met at Fashion Place, and got some valentines business done for our families while we visited and caught up. I just love her, she is funny and a little snarky and we get along like sisters because we can both take a jab! I got to see those cockroach brooches that are all the rage. They are decorated and then have a leash clip that you can pin to your clothes, so the cockroach is a live roaming broach! Very cool, very NOT me! They were at a shop called the Black Chandelier, and if I were still a kid, this would totally be THE shop for me! It is random, quirky and very obnoxious in a fun and wild way! LOVED IT!

Then I went to Jo-Ann's and found some way yummy yarns to make a special gift! I will post pics when I am done. I have the goal of having a huge project done by Sunday, probably won't be done, but I need deadlines, sad but true! Worked on this said project until 2 am!

Tuesday (yesterday?!!) was just as crazy, met with the personal trainer got my butt kicked! Ran Tyler to school (his car is still in timeout until his grades come up! Can't he hurry and get them back up?) Then straight to the hair dresser for a color and cut! Yippee! A couple of hours to myself, RELAXING! Then more work on the special project, a few layouts worked on a then made a few dozen valentines cards for the kids and the kids important friends.

So today is a little tennis and then back to the special project until my hands fall off, LOL!
And there it is, a happy Valentines day!

Friday, February 09, 2007

What's for dinner

It is Friday night, and it has been a long week (month, year, etc) and Dave I think is a little sick of me and the whole scarpbooking thing right now. But he also knows that I am a donkey on the edge, so he took me out for a little bit this afternoon, let me get some new yarn for an afghan for Tyler and some of the new papers that I have been coveting. I love the new Scenic Route lines but Laurel has a special little place in my heart because of the name!
So I had to get a couple pieces of that, and then a few sheets of the new American Crafts--YUMMY!
So my husband does qualify for sainthood once in a while, but neither of us felt like making a meal or even deciding what to have the kids make for us (as if, LOL!) So Cafe Rio it is!
And to go perfectly with the meal, a little tivo from the week!
I might also have to sneak into the craft room, I am feeling very inspired and really want to play with my new toys!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Porter Rockwell

And his name...
was Porter Rockwell.
That was a song I remember from the '80s. I heard for the first time when I was a teenager visiting Utah for Especially For Youth and today was the first time I was reminded of it in over 20 years (yikes shouldn't admit that!)
The reminder came in the form of me making my husband drive me(so I wouldn't chicken out) down to the Primedia building to dropoff my Hall of Fame entry. Well Porter was there to greet me and of course I saw the name, the statue and the words to the chorus just slipped right out after all that time.
With a huge rock in my stomach I walked across the parking lot staring at my feet and wondering why I was torturing myself like this. I mean really who does this kind of thing to themselves on purpose?
I handed my exceptionally composed clear plastic bag to the darling receptionist and blurted out "please take this before I throw up" and she sweetly obliged and then set it on the desk next to her. She looked a little concerned, could I really have been that green? I said "are you prepared for the hundreds more that are on their way?" and she said "yes" and then continued with "I hope we get lots more, its is better that way".
Well this made me feel a little ickier, of course it is for them, I can't disagree with that. But for me, I don't think so! I wanted to disagree outloud, but my filters kicked in thank goodness, (that doesn't happen often enough, LOL!). I managed to thank her and wish her a good day and then left. Walking and staring across the parking lot, what had I just done?
I left a huge piece of my heart and soul with them, and I just have to forget that it is done or I will go crazy with anxiety.
And to just add a little hilarity to my drama, I can't get the tune of the Porter Rockwell chorus out of my head.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Life is about timing.
You see it time and again.
Right time, right place.
I love this concept. I am willing to work hard, I try to be humble, I support my friends and family when I can. Every little bit of good energy out there that I can put out I try to get out.
why did my Big Daddy computer have to pick today to have a big freeze?
Last few pieces of my Hall of Fame entry were being put together in it today.
My laptop is NOT terrific for photo editing (nuf said about that!).
So this is the test to see how badly I really want to work to make this deadline. (so not feeling the love about getting noticed, but want to have the experience of getting it done and growing from it!)
Layouts done, (two new ones in the last twenty four hours, replacing perfectly fine ones I might add!)supply lists and journaling for the display done, photos taken.
Guess where they all are...
yup, in the Big Daddy.
Should have finished last night and not slept so I could just be done.
Why didn't I you ask?
Well, I was pacing myself. Eating the Elephant one burger at a time so to speak.
Somehow, I will get this done tonight.
No more burgers, I am taking the rest of this elephant to the table tonight.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Poppets and such

How great are these two?
Let me tell you, really GREAT!
They are so much fun, talented and beyond kind and patient!
Christina and Terry, thanks!

It is just a little hilarious that my head fit perfectly in the Poppet scene and that the hair looks real!

We had so much fun with this! It was tacky, campy and so darn hilarious!

One of my favorites ended up being Rene Pearson, she is so cute anyway, but man she had fun and totally hammed it up for the pic!

Terry had to do the rock star Poppet, it was so funny to see a 6'5" tall guy slouching down and hamming it up! Thanks T for the HUGE belly laughs!

I am sad that my camera's batteries were dead, there were so many pics that I wanted to get. So many people I met that I would love to have images of, but there is always the next time...


Friday, February 02, 2007

Blissed out!

So on Sunday night in Anaheim, I got to go out to dinner with the FAB Bliss girls!
What a fun group, Andrea Hill who is the owner was so generous and FUN!
Karen Carter is the one to blame for inviting me to the shindig, so if there are any complaints about my annoying presence, direct all complaints to her!
Andrea gave away fun goodies pretty much the entire time, and we had a delicious meal followed by a HUGE slice of yummers chocolate cake!
I sat next to an adorable chica named Carrie and across from the delightful Laura, Karen, and Andrea! Next to Carrie was Rani and all others after that point I couldn't say, it was actually pretty dark and crowded!
After my first meal with this group, Christina, Terry, Carmi and Claudine came in to eat. So coincidental because if they had come in any earlier or later I would never seen them, it was just absolutely perfect timing! They had gone to have sushi but the place was closed so they had to wait for over an hour for a table at Buca de Beppo.
I joined them and we just sat and laughed our selves silly! Claudine has the most amazing dark side and between her Christina and Carmi, I was a little creeped out when the conversation was about serial murderers and crazies! Thank goodness the chat turned to other things like the possible topics for Claudine's next book. There are some great things kicking around these crazy girls minds! I would say, but then maybe they wouldn't happen or someone else would steal the ideas (as if anyone reads my blog who writes books, LOL!) and published them first!
Anyway, I laughed so stinking hard and to make it even funnier, I was so full from the previous dinner group that my sides just ached, so I was literally gasping for air during all of this!
Anyway, to make a short story unreasonably long I was completely blissed out and grateful for the friends that I have and for the opportunities I have had to make more, lucky girl!

Back to reality

Watching Grey's Anatomy after a nice relaxing day!
Got back from Anaheim late last night after a fun five day extravaganza with Christina and Terry in the Lazar StudioWerx booth. We played with Poppets, giggled and teased each other mercilessly until Claudine joined us in the booth, and then it was her turn to be tortured by our humor!
I left with some fun, campy dares that I can't wait to get done!
It was great getting to see some of the faces of those that I adore, Michelle Hill, Sande Krieger, Teresa Collins, Debby Shuh, Tia Bennett, Kim Mattina, Emily Adams (there are more but I am tired...)
All amazing women with hearts of gold!
I got to meet the Bliss Girls, and hang out with them for a little bit, and they are so fun, Thanks Andrea for letting me hang with your FAB team!
I wish I had gotten to spend a little more time with my roomie Miss Mary Kay!
She is so delightfully opinionated! I love her! She was a woman with a plan, you should have seen what she conquered in such a short time, very impressive!
Of course I took my camera, didn't take it out until the last day, and of course the batteries were completely dead, LOL! Oh well...
So if for some reason you have an image of me, would you link it so I can appreciate how great the people are I get to hang with!
There was just miles of beautiful products, some fun new businesses and some of my favorites with new goodies that set me to having the gimmies!
I was fortunate enough to get to meet Addy, Stacy Julian's latest addition, and she is ADORABLE, congrats Stacy!
Renae Pearson stopped in the booth and was a Poppet, I love her, she is incredible!
She left me feeling inspired and with a skinny black chick pin!
Life is good!
I love making new friends and some that I can't wait to be proud of are the Effer Dare Girls! They are very talented, full of energy and ready to conquer the world! They remind me of what it is like to have the world at your feet and youth on your side! Go Gettum Girls! Gen's new paper line is beautiful! Can't wait to see what is down their path! So thanks Gen, Meghan, Nisa, and Kristina for the inspiration and the fun!
Reality today was feeling a little icky (sore throat and stuffy nose), crocheting a whole scarf, catching up on my tivo, finishing a couple of LO's that had been left on my table, printing some pics and having a tennis lesson. Pretty great day if you ask me!
Had a great conversation with a friend who knows where I am at with the scrapping thing, and she is so supportive, honest and real! She gave me some really huge advice today that I really want to work on! It is not very easy to say some of the things that someone needs to hear, you know like you have a little something in your teeth, or the little nose hangy hint or handing you a listerine strip. But a good friend will say the uncomfortable thing with the hope that you know that they are true to the friendship. Most people want others to succeed but not if it prepares you to compete with them at some point, (I have learned this to be true from tennis, but it is a great life lesson) the really good friends are the ones who help you self-improve no matter. So a quick shout to all the friends who have put all that stuff aside to help me grow, I LOVE and APPRECIATE all of YOU!
Which brings me lastly to Ali Edwards. She absolutely eptomizes this everyday! She gives so much of herself and in such a selfless way, amazing. Her e-zine hits home with me every time how much she wants us all to grow to where she is ( she will long be gone with her incredible capacity for growth) but she reaches down to lift all of us and to the end that we can possibly become more like her. Truly selfless and inspirational!
Thanks Ali!
So enough with the blah-blah-blah! I am just grateful to be who I am, where I am and what I am and to be that at home, LOL!