Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Life is about timing.
You see it time and again.
Right time, right place.
I love this concept. I am willing to work hard, I try to be humble, I support my friends and family when I can. Every little bit of good energy out there that I can put out I try to get out.
why did my Big Daddy computer have to pick today to have a big freeze?
Last few pieces of my Hall of Fame entry were being put together in it today.
My laptop is NOT terrific for photo editing (nuf said about that!).
So this is the test to see how badly I really want to work to make this deadline. (so not feeling the love about getting noticed, but want to have the experience of getting it done and growing from it!)
Layouts done, (two new ones in the last twenty four hours, replacing perfectly fine ones I might add!)supply lists and journaling for the display done, photos taken.
Guess where they all are...
yup, in the Big Daddy.
Should have finished last night and not slept so I could just be done.
Why didn't I you ask?
Well, I was pacing myself. Eating the Elephant one burger at a time so to speak.
Somehow, I will get this done tonight.
No more burgers, I am taking the rest of this elephant to the table tonight.

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