Monday, May 30, 2011


What does it take to be inspired? It is different for everybody, and the concept comes with the question of "inspired to do what?" sing, pray, work, create, play...

Are there things we come in contact with that can inspire us to want to do all of those things and much more? I find that the beauty created by nature always inspires me in every way possible. It makes me want to create beautiful things, be a better person both physically and spiritually, and take time to enjoy the smallest moments.
This small breathtaking moment was snapped on my trip to New York last year, the images from this trip have kept my heart afloat during the rough times that I have had in the last year, and have provided much inspiration to create. I have been a little afraid to scrap them thinking it would take some of the magic out of them, But it hasn't, so it is time that I share this inspiration with others, maybe it will do the same thing for you.
(and on that gorgeous Hambly overlay, the image makes me feel even more inspired!)


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Just Roll With It

We are nearing the end of the school year here, and with that we have a few events and such to attend to support our wonderful children. Last night was a showcase choir concert for Carter, and it was over two hours long! His freshman group performed at the beginning and then again at the end with the combined choir. In between was about an hour and a half of  hard working, inspired singing that we did enjoy, but might rather have been at home instead of there. We do appreciate all of the effort and talent, but hadn't realized the length of time that we had committed to, so had postponed dinner until we could eat together. Well at 9:30 we all sat down and enjoyed a a re-heated but delicious pasta dish that Dave had prepared earlier. All in all it was an entertaining evening and Carter was fantastic, we can't wait to watch him perform in the future. All said and done our theme for the day was "just roll with it". Sometimes the best memories we have made are the ones that weren't planned and came with unexpected circumstances. These are the times that I will surely miss most when the children are all grown and onto their own adventures.


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Scrapbook Workshop By May Flaum

It was so much fun to contribute to this book, thanks May for including me!
To celebrate that it is on pre-order now at Amazon, I am sharing a little sneak peek of one of my projects, and given the contributor list for this book, it is sure to be not only amazing eye candy, but super-de-doopery inspiring!!

You can find the book at Amazon, Scrapbook Workshop: The Best Techniques From Your Favorite Scrapbook Bloggers

And because I am feeling so inspired myself, I am off to craft the day away! Just got some of the new Magic of Oz by Graphic 45 and it is stunning!!

Happy Saturday!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Hello Monday!

Wow, sorry it has been a week since the last update. Not that I have even been so busy that I couldn't, just not that much to update about I guess. With the kids in their home stretch of the school year, and getting ready for Chloe to graduate in just in a couple of weeks, we are excited that summer will soon be here.
So how about "hello" to Monday with a couple of Hero Arts stamps and some Cosmo Cricket paper? That will get the creative week kicked off in style  :o)


Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

I feel very blessed to have a kind, loving and sweet spirited mom who loves me unconditionally with me on this earth still. So many of my sweet friends have lost their mothers too early and I think of them on days like this, and want them to know that I know that their moms are proud of them and are watching over them everyday. It also makes me hug my mom a little harder, appreciate what she does a little more and reminds me that I need to enjoy what I have and let petty things go, life is to short.
Best to all of you hard working, sacrificing, generous mothers, the world just wouldn't be right without you.


Tuesday, May 03, 2011

It is Lilac Season!

The smell is so intoxicating and the colors spectacular! They are one of my favorite reasons to live in Utah where the cold winters give way to beautiful blooms that can't exist in the warmer climates. Our lilacs are just beginning to bud and I can't wait to have vases of them filling the house!