Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Handmade Rose Flower and Tussy Mussy Free Tutorial

I have had loads of people ask me where I learned to make these flowers and if I would please share how. I have to be honest, it is hard to share something for free when I came up with this particular version of making these on my own through a lot of trial and error. And I am sure that there are a lot of other tutorials that do something similar, since many of us crafty folk think similarly in our problem solving. But I had an interesting conversation with a client who has some of their trade show projects being published with these flowers on the top, and they wanted to share the instructions with their readers. So I am at the point that I think it is a good time to share them with everyone!

If you like this tutorial, please pin on Pinterest with credit, or if you are replicating and sharing in your own crafting, please give the credit back. It is a very frustrating experience to be willing to share my knowledge and experience, only to see it duplicated and not given credit. Use transparency and integrity, karma is a good thing to have on your side  :o)

 Tussy Mussy Tutorial

The tussy mussy is a bouquet that is rooted deep in tradition. They are used as a place to hold bouquets whether from a suitor in the Victorian era or now in elegant weddings or home decor. They are relatively simple to make and can become as elaborate as you wish to make them. Included in this tutorial is a printable template that you can use to print right out onto your favorite patterned paper, or print one out onto cardstock to use again and again by tracing onto the desired paper.

Constructing the base:

  1. Print out template, either onto the desired paper that will be used to construct the cone or onto card stock that you can use many times to trace onto the desired paper.
  2. Cut out and then adhere the straight edges together using a very strong dry adhesive or a low melt temp glue gun.
  3. Decorate top of cone with lace, decorative edged paper, ribbon or what ever inspires you.
  4. On the opposite sides inside the cone adhere ribbon, chain, lace or what ever other material you like to use as the handle using a very strong dry adhesive or low melt temp glue gun.
  5. Using a very strong dry adhesive or low temp melt glue gun adhere a Styrofoam cone into the decorative come. 
  6. Pad around Styrofoam, inside of cone with tissue paper if necessary to get a snug fit. 

 Large Handmade Rose Tutorial
Constructing the flowers:
1. Using the Sizzix Tim Holtz “Tattered Flowers” die, cut out four large flowers, one medium flower and one small flower per one finished large flower.

 2. After your flowers are cut, use a small handled paint brush or similar item to roll the edges of the  flowers with, then gently pinch the inside of each of the petals toward the center of the flower. 

3. On one of the flowers trim out one of the petals as well as the center of the flower, and then using the Tim Holtz tiny attacher, staple the two edges of the flower together.

4. On one flower trim out two petals as well as the center of the flower and attach together with the Tiny Attacher.

5. In a third flower, cut in half, remove the center and attach the edges together. 

6. Cut the small flower down the center and apply 1/8" double sided tape along each side of the cut.

7. Remove protective layer from tape and roll flower along cut edges.

8. In medium sized flower cut in between two of the petals and also remove the center.

9.  Apply 1/8" double sided tape along cut edge and center of flower.

10. Remove protective layer from tape and roll flower up into itself.

11. Apply 1/8" double sided tape to outside of small flower, remove protective layer and insert into center of medium sized flower.

12. Apply 1/8" double sided tape to outside of medium flower.

13. Remove protective layer from tape and insert into center of 3 petal flower layer.

14. Apply strong adhesive to back of 3 petal layer.

15. Insert 3 petal layer piece into center of 4 petal layer.

16. Apply strong adhesive to back of 4 petal layer piece. (sorry the pic is blurry, hard to take one handed, lol!)

17. Insert into center of 5 petal piece. It is completed, now gently fold and arrange to give a more realistic appearance.

 Small Handmade Rose Tutorial

1. Cut 3 medium flowers and 1 small flower using Tattered Flowers die cut.

2. Roll petals around brush base or similar tool, pinch center of individual petals.


3. Cut one petal and the center out of one of the flowers.

4. Staple edges together.

5. Cut two petals and the center out of one of the flowers.

6. Staple the edges together.

7. Cut the last medium flower in half and remove part of the center.

8. Staple the edges together. (sorry for the blur, this piece was hard to get a picture of)

9. Cut small flower between petals and apply 1/8" double sided adhesive tape to the edges.

10. Remove protective layer from tape, roll flower up along the edges.

11. Apply strong hold adhesive to bottom of this piece and insert into center of three petal piece.

12. Apply strong hold adhesive to the bottom of this piece.

13. Insert into four petal piece.

14. Apply strong hold adhesive to bottom.

15. Insert into five petal piece, and it is done! Make sure to gently fold and primp to make the flower more realistic.

Tim Holtz:
Tattered Flowers die by Sizzix
Tiny attacher

Tool Kit:
Scor-Pal double sided tape 1/8"
Low Temp Melt Glue Gun
Styrofoam cone
Printable template
Scissors or craft knife and a paper piercer
Favorite liquid strong hold adhesive

I want to thank you for coming by my blog! I hope that you take some time to try making these and have fun with different types of papers. I have literally made hundreds of them, and they are each uniquely beautiful! Try using a little glossy accents on the petals for a lush dewy look, or a clear adhesive with clear crystal glitter for a gorgeous frosty, winter look.

The possibilities are endless, so make a few for gift toppers or loads for holiday centerpieces!

Happy Crafting!