Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Post post

We of course have our Christmas Eve tradition of new jammies, but this year I got them for Dave and I as well!
We made dipped pretzels for the neighbors, they were really cute and ummmm very tasty...
We did make sure that all elves got to have one (or two!) for dessert after dinner that night!

We do the twelve days of Christmas so that the little things that would get lost on the "big" morning get a little more appreciation. One night was the game "Clue" and I have to say that I still get a little welled up when I see them playing together and really enjoying each others company! Very cool!
We had a gingerbread night for the mommies at Aunt Brianna's. This was hard for the kids cuz they usually get to do the decorating, but I actually got to do the picking and planning, and I really enjoyed it! I haven't decorated a house in I can't remember how long, what a treat for me!
I know, kinda selfish, but I promise that it was a one time thing!

We had a beautiful holiday, snow on the ground cheer in the air and lots of time together as a family!
This holiday season has come with a twist. I have noticed the change coming in our family dynamics. Tyler took his first job as a peer instructor at Deer Valley. he is growing up and it is hard to watch! He loves his job and he will be very good at it, he loves kids and he is very patient with them. Very proud of him and his desire to work hard!
Laurel has matured substantially in her capacity for understanding and even though she is still a very impatient person, she is a bundle of joy!
Chloe is such a young lady! She has loved spending time with her BFFs, the cousins!
She has been able to spend so much time with them this holiday season and it has been loads of fun for her!
Carter is still the easiest going guy ever! He is happy if there is something to do and someone to hang out with! He is adorable and it breaks my heart to see my baby getting so big!
So that is the twist, my little family isn't little! They are big.
They are not going to be here for very much longer, and I am trying to squeeze every last bit of me time in with them that I can!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

This time of year is so gorgeous! We had a very large snowfall on Sunday and it was so soft, quiet and serene...
until Laurel and Carter decided that it was time for some snowplay! I had to follow them out, and over 150 pictures later we were laughing so hard that our cheeks ached! It isn't very often that these two get to play together anymore with her being 15.5 and he being just 11 still. But the one thing that they can agree on is that a snowball fight no matter how unevenly matched is great fun!
It is a good thing that our Utah snow is very light, with a very low moisture content it has a hard time sticking together to form a weapon with any bite. Instead what happens when you throw a snowball made from this powder it distintegrates mid-air, showering your opponent with a glow of fractured crystals! So even when you get "hit" in an uncomfortable spot, it is still very tolerable!
This was one of my favorite days this year, and thanks to my camera, one that I won't run out of references for.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

One of the pics I took of Rick's family last week, I love how they were all having so much fun together, the girls are still getting used to the idea of snow all the time. Growing up in Texas and just recently moving here has been quite an adjustment for them, so they still do things Texas style. Ya know, flip flops when it is snowing...
Anyway, LOVE them and LOVE that they are really close now!

Got their Christmas card done also, it is sooooo them, LOL!
This time of year makes me very grateful for my friends and family.
I just received a christmas card from my wonderful Grandfather, and it brought tears to my eyes. How fortunate I am that I still have my Grandpa here on this earth and that he remembers and thinks of me! Makes me glad that I have the beliefs that I do.
Anyway, hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

December blahs

We celebrated Chloe's 14th birthday with her cousins, Ellie turned 12 ywo days before, and Olivia had her 7th birthday 3days before. It was crazy with lots of goofing around and a huge chocolate cake with candles in it for all of them to blow out together! Chloe got a couple of really cool gifts, spent some of her shopping spree money on some lotion and books and is saving the rest for the after holiday sales! Smart Girl!
I took lots of pictures of Rick and Brianna with the girls for their Christmas card, I haven't edited any of them, but they are soooo cute! I can't wait to see which one they are using!
Holly one of Tyler's best friends had her birthday on the 30th of November (same day as Ellie's) and I made her some Christmas cards as a b-day gift. She is a Senior, involved in everything, and just way to busy to have time to do it herself, so I thought it would be nice for her to have some to send out. I hope she likes them, I used Sande Krieger's new Christmas stamps from Autumn Leaves and I am biased, but they are so stinking cute!
Anyway, December is crazy and I have a giant case of the blahs right now. I am trying to get some design work done for CHA and also get some LOs submitted so I can say i am still trying to be a "professional" in the industry...
I am glad for the creative distractions, they are helping me stay on track.
That being said, how do you get mojo-nated for the holidays when you just aren't feeling it?
Any thoughts...
Let me know!
Peace, Love and Holiday bliss!