Thursday, May 25, 2006

Got Nothing

Going on today.
There was some tennis and some scrapping and kids.
It is one of the days that I am so glad that I can enjoy because I have nothing pressing on me. I didn't have to be anywhere,or do anything for anyone.
Okay, that is not true.
Had to get Dave to the train and Carter to school. And then be to the club by 9:00 to play tennis for a while. Loved on the cats and did some research and playing on the internet. Then Rox brought Ryan by so she could go to a meeting and he and I went and got the girls from school and Dave from the train. Then we picked up my sewing machine and Rox then met us at home so she could get Ryan. Worked on my Lazar DT project which now is almost finished. Went to my tennis lesson with Karen Thorup and then returned some DT e-mails and organized some tennis for the weekend.
That is about as quiet a day as I get, and it was HEAVEN!
I don't really "do" housework. I can always wait Dave out. He was raised by an obsessive/compulsive mother and he cracks way before I do with the messes!
yea I am evil, hehehe!
But didn't you already know that about me?
Still miss my dog and think about Wendy.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A beautiful Utah morning

So I got up today and hiked!
Millcreek Canyon had always been my favorite for the quick close hikes. You can hike in for and hour and a half and get down in forty five minutes so you don't have to spend all day getting a wonderful look at the beauty God gave us! I took two cameras too!
It was actually pretty funny, my girlfriend Elaine was totally annoyed with me by the time we were done.
She said "either no cameras next time or I am going to be late showing up so my hair and make-up will be done!" Maybe I took too many pictures of her and was too bossy with telling her where to stand and how! (ya think?) Anyway, she is such a good sport and totally adorable too, so I think the pics will be wonderful! I used my old analog Canon A-1. It is such a great camera, and when I am on, the pics are so great. Can't blame the camera when they stink unfortunately! Used the digital one for some pics of some beautiful blue moths that I wanted to get for sure, and then just for fairness, I let Elaine take a pic of me. See, I can be nice sometimes!
Well, today is Carter's fourth grade program, it is all about Utah. This is my fourth program and I could probably sing with them and recite all the parts.
I am really grateful that my kids have been able to go to Eastwood, it is wonderful school, all the teachers and a lot of the parents are very involved and commited. That is good for parents like me who when it is time for the fourth child to come through are a little burnt out! I have done time (it sounds like I am talking about prison, LOL!) with all the kids in all of their classrooms, and when the co-op group ended for Carter last year, I decided that I was tired.
So thanks to all of you tireless teachers and parents who soldier on, I really appreciate all of you!

Thursday, May 18, 2006


What a FUN day!
Went down to Provo today and worked with Teresa Collins at the Junkitz booth, Rox and Annetter were there also, and we met so many wonderful people!
The make and take is so cute, Teresa's foam stamps are darling, and Janna's paper is so colorful and playful, a great combination!
When we were done with those we went to P.F. Changs for a quick bite with some really fun and UBER-talented ladeis! We had so much fun getting to know each other and enjoyed some lovely and enlightening conversations! So shouts go out to Anita, Debby, Marjie, Annette, Emily, Teresa, Michelle and Rox! Got to catch-up with so many people that I just adore too! Love to Sara and Layle, Melanie and Shane, Marjorie and Jennifer, Kelli, Candi and Cammi plus so many more that I am brain cramping on!
Anyway, a really great way to spend the day!
Thanks all of you for involving me and being so amazing, you are all so inspiring!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Can't get caught up!

So I loved going to Vancouver (thanks Christina and Terry!)
I got home on Tuesday, and then had a couple of days to recuperate before working at the Salt Lake Scrapbook Expo for Scrapworks for Friday and Saturday all day!
barely got my feet under me and then left Tuesday for Detroit Michigan for the Great Lakes Mega Meet in Novi. It was a fun and busy show and I enjoyed meeting all the crafters there (especially Mikki D!).
I got home Sunday, Mothers Day at 2:30 and was greeted warmly by my wonderful family! They actually missed me!
Rox and her family and My Mom and Dad came over and Dave cooked and cleaned for all of us!
He is the BBQ master too, it was wonderful and he makes wonderful mac and cheese (Martha Stewarts recipe, LOL!) We had a nice evening and it was great to get to spend time with my family!
Monday I played tennis for over 3.5 hours. I really miss it when I am traveling!
So that brings me to today! I went and had my hair done. I am blonde now.
I will post pictures later, but it will be nice to have it lighter this summer, it always gets trashed in the sun anyway, so I am trying to get a jump on it!
Tomorrow is my only day that I do not have anything on the schedule for this entire month, I am going to go to my scrap room, and disappear in my toys!
Thursday, Friday and Saturday I will be at the CKU-Provo giving some help to Teresa. It will be fun to get to meet the crafters that will be there!
So that is why I just can't seem to get caught up! Nothing spectacular, but lots of good fun!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Installment Three of the Vancouver trip

Woke up to the warehouse sale!

Very exciting, the grab bags we put together were so well received, the ladies and Seymour just loved them! Terry had made some wonderful brownies and mini loaves (Chai chocolate!) and the coffee and tea was flowing. The swaps were fun to watch too!
Christina and I were so happy with the turn out! I am such a fan of Christina and I really enjoyed meeting all of the people that were big fans as well! Everyone had such a great rapport, and I enjoy seeing how creative crafters can be! I want to say thanks to all of them for making me feel so comfortable and welcome too!
After we cleaned up a little, Christina and I went out to dinner.

We went to a really beautiful and fun restaurant called Stone Creek Grill. The meats are cooked on top of a granite slab that has been heated. Both Christina and I had the filet, and it was delicious! Dessert was fabulous too! Christina had a beautiful apple caramel pie. And I went for the chocolate mousse! After dinner, Christina drove me to Stanley park so we could see the view of the city core at night.

It was spectacular!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Wow, that was fun?

Just finished two crazy days at the Scrapbooker's Expo here in Salt Lake and wow!
Rox and I worked for Shane and Michelle Walster. They ran a booth selling Scrapworks products, and it was crazy! We did the craziest deals, I didn't need anything or even want anything and I couldn't not get anything because it was too good to pass up! So I worked a total of about 30 hours over 3 days, 15 of those on Friday alone, I am wonky!
So to top it all off, I leave on Tuesday to go to Novi Michigan for the Scrapbooking Mega Meet. It is going to be so fun, but I am tired already, am I going to make it?

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Installment two of Vancouver

Saturday it rained, a lot! But by the evening, it was over, and the air was cool and clean. Christina and I went for a walk down the boardwalk by the old cannery in Steveston, the sunset was gorgeous.
Christina was such a wonderful tour guide, she was born and raised in Vancouver, and knows so much about the culture and changes that have occured locally through the years! I loved the diversity and laid back attitude of this city! For part of the day, we cleaned and set up for the warehouse sale that was on Sunday. We stuffed the grab bags full of amazing rubber stamps that would be sure to please the attendees! Got the tables organized and the items prices and displayed. It looked really nice when we were done!
For dinner we had Greek and it was Delish! All in all the day was a blur of activity!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Sorry so long with no posting.. has been a whirlwind of a month.
I need to learn how to post even when I am crazy busy and just make them quick!
Sooooo, just got back from Vancouver today. It was so GREAT!
I will try to give the complete breakdown in coming posts, but Christina and Terry were so fun and so good to me, it was hard to go home!
I arrived on Friday afternoon, and Christina took me shopping so we could pick up some things for dinner and of course I had to get pics!
The market on Granville Island was fabulous, there were so many amazing things there!Beautiful colors and it smelled so great!Those are the pics from day one, there will be more to come, but I am whooped, and Dave missed me!