Friday, April 06, 2012

Copic Marker and Ranger Alcohol Ink Colored Easter Eggs

I created these beautiful Easter eggs a few years ago, and we are still using them to decorate for our celebrations, so why not share them again and how to create them as well.

Start by blowing out the contents of a dozen or so eggs, there are a few methods of doing this. Some of the supplies I used are:

Alcohol inks by Ranger in a variety of colors and metallic finishes
Alcohol ink applicator and clean felt pads
Copic Markers in a variety of pastel colors
Gem and pearl stickers
Butterfly punch
Milliners flowers
White glitter paper
White silk ribbon
Fabric adhesive

For Ranger Alcohol Ink eggs

Step 1: Apply colors to applicator pad and directly to egg if desired. (this gives spots of "clear" color)

Step 2: Gently dab applicator directly to egg, muddling the colors to achieve desired results.

For Copic Marker colored eggs

Begin by selecting an assortment of markers in the desired color range, I used some beautiful pastels.

Step 1: Color random sized areas of different colors with the markers.

Step 2: Apply a metallic Alcohol ink to the applicator on a clean felt pad.

Step 3: Loosen the metallic up (it will come off very heavy otherwise) with some Copic Blending Solution applied to the applicator.

Step 4: Randomly and gently dab the applicator onto the egg.

Step 5: Look and admire, adjust any spots with more metallic or alcohol ink as desired.

Embellishing both types

Embellishing is the fun part! Use a paper punch on some white glitter paper, apply some of the alcohol ink from the applicator you have been using on the punches and then adhere carefully to the egg. Add some milliners flowers or other small items like gems or pearls.
Tie a small loop with a bow and use fabric adhesive to adhere the ribbon to the egg, I like to cover the holes, but they aren't usually really obvious.

Most importantly, have fun!!

A Quick Tutorial on Blowing out an Egg to Get an Empty Shell

Emptying an eggshell (otherwise known as a blown eggshell) is a relatively simple thing to do, but there are a few steps and tools that can make the process much easier and I want to share them with you real quickly today with some photographs to help the steps more easy to understand.

Start with a clean egg and using a paper piercer or similar tool (a thumbtack with the little handle is a pretty good option!) gently press the sharp, pointy tip into one of the ends of the egg and make a hole that is a little bigger than the size of a pinhead.

Next, repeat by poking a similarly sized hole on the other side. Use a corsage pin (the longer ones with the beads on the end) to swirl and scramble the contents of the egg. The yolk won't be able to pass through a hole if it is intact, so breaking it up is very important.

Wipe off one of the ends, gently hold the egg to your mouth and carefully blow the contents of the egg into a  container.

Keep going until the egg shell is completely empty.

Carefully rinse the shell in water and then dry. It is now ready for use!


Monday, April 02, 2012

Hey Tweety!

Happy Monday tweet friends!

Just sharing a sweet card that uses Ruby Rock-It and Bella Fundamentals. The die cut bird, cage and hearts are so cute and the different sized tags are perfect for popping out the colors of the chipboard and sticker letters.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!