Thursday, January 25, 2007

Just one more day

I just have one more day to get my act together before I leave town for five days.
I am not a list maker, I am not a planner.
Some people are great at that, me not so much.
I put what I remember into a bag and go. I rarely have problems with this system, lets hope that this time is no exception!
I won't be posting, I am sure that I won't be missed...
Looking forward to seeing a lot of people I know and meeting other new friends!
I am excited about the additions to the Lazar StudioWerx lines.
Christina has been such a good friend that it is hard to believe that I have only known her for one year, it seems like we have always been friends.
I hope everyone has a great show, and that it meets their needs and expectations.
Have a happy week all!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Wouldn't Ya Know...

I get a bunch of HOF layouts done early and I am super happy with them, and this week alone, I have seen one of my technique layouts on the Jenni Bowlin site and another in the CK top ten mag that just came out.
I know that there are tons of flukes like this all the time, just why now?
I feel like I need to remake a few of my layouts now and there is just not enough time.
So do I just send it all in and get over it, or do I go through the work of remaking a few just to not look stupid?

Monday, January 22, 2007

This Week...

Will be a busy one, so this is just a quick post to share a little of what is UP.
Very excited, got to play with some of Teresa's new paper and product for her Extreme Boy line and it is FAB! Hope I can post it later this week. Also played with Stacey P's Celebrationz line, a spin-off of the Salsa line but with the theme of birthday, very bright energetic and fun! Made a little mini-album of that and maybe can share that later as well.
Sad that James Blake lost to Fernando Gonzales tonight in the Aussie Open. I just adore James and he has had such a beautiful tournament up until tonight where he just looked flat, very disappointing for him I am sure, he was the fifth seed and looked good enough to go to the Final.
Have some projects that I am working on for the Lazar StudioWerx booth which will be located close to the publications of MM and FW at 3772. I didn't get any new product, but I have seen peeks at Christina's blog and it is exciting! Come by and give me a hug and see the goodies!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Tragically Ugly Feet

This is one sad fact about me that I don't even try to deny.
One of the things you have to sacrifice if you are even remotely involved with anything athletic is the good looks of your feet. To be an exceptional skier your boot must be absolutely, perfectly fit and about a size smaller than a shoe you would wear in your everyday life, after hours and hours like this, your feet start to become deformed and lose toenails. To run marathons you must get used to the fact that you will get blisters and lose toenails. To play tennis, your feet are in hot shoes for a couple hours at a time, building disgusting callouses that are absolutely necessary to the survival of your feet in preventing more blisters.
An adorable friend who was having a crummy day invited me to go get pedicures with her. Now I really enjoy the company of this girl and she was pretty down today, so you would think I could take one for the team and just go get the pedicure and hang out and not be embarassed. NOPE.
I can't do it. My feet are beyond sad, truly a tragedy of GREEK proportions.
I know, I am the worst friend.
I did make it up to her by helping with something else, and maybe she will know that she is appreciated and cherished as a friend in spite of my HUGE shortcomings!
So the moral of the story is if you are having a crummy day, let me help cheer you up by some good quality shopping time, lunch or even maybe a few sets of tennis.
But please don't make me feel like a complete dirtbag when I have to tell you no to a pedicure.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Sore Wednesday

This is Debby and I while we were in Chicago at the designer meet-n-greet.

I am so sore today after the training session yesterday and then an hour tennis lesson with some girlfriends that absolutely crush the ball. It is a good sore, but sore just the same!
Getting lots done on HOF stuff and printing piles of pics.
Working on organizing the room too, that is going to take me a while, lots of rearranging to get it right!
Have a Brrrrr-eautiful day!
(it is still reeeaaaly cold here!)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

It has been almost a week...

since I posted.
Actually I think that I am just talking to myself, so updating is for me.
But I was recently reminded that this is a great way for people to keep up with what is going on with each other!
So I am going to try to be better at getting the story out, interesting or (mostly) NOT!
So Sunday evening, so very lucky to get to have dinner with a supertalented and wonderfully kind friend named Debby Shuh. Most people know her for her work with Anna Griffin and Canson, but I have never got to have a class from her. I have gotten to know her from CKU's and trade shows. She was in town to film for some CKU online classes that look like they would be cool!
She is from Upstate New York, so of course getting to see her was a total treat!

It is also FRIGID here! Below normal temps and a huge high pressure system have created crazy cold temps that keep you from hanging outside for very long!

I love the winter and the snow, but when it is this cold, NOT SO MUCH!
I have been trying to capture some of the cool looks that the snow and ice leave for our viewing pleasure. I really WANT a much better camera.
Kids are doing homework, Dave is hitting a tennis ball, so I am going to the scrap room for a few minutes to do some work and some organizing!
I got my Pottery Barn shipment today, and it is so COOL!
Will post pics after it doesn't look like a bomb went off in my room!
It is going to be a couple of weeks or de-junking and prioritizing projects, not fun but important!
I have been working on a Hall of Fame entry, and I am starting to see the finish line.
I don't think I have a snowball's chance, but it has been a learning process. That means growth, and like it or not it is a good thing to experience!
So if you don't mind keeping your toes crossed for me and sending loads of good vibes, I would REALLY appreciate it!
Went to the gym to meet with the gal who is doing my training, and it was hard.
I have a long way to go, but I really want to lose it, so perseverence might be my word for the year.
I have been trying to think of one for the Ali E. challenge, but words are very important to me, so I don't want to choose one for the entire year to lightly! That is soooo me, afraid of commitment, LOL! Perseverence might be the perfect fit, but commiting might be the bigger challenge, hehehe!
Anyway, love to all my friends!
I cherish and appreciate each and every one of you!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Went to the Gym

No really, I did!
I used to LOVE the gym, now NOT SO MUCH!
Ten years later and 15 pounds heavier, I decided that it was time to reign it in.
It was good to go, it hurt. I will be sore, but it had to be done.
I spent an hour with a trainer who helped me identify my major weaknesses and muscle imbalances. These are big problems for me because of the type of knee surgery I had it created most of the imbalances on purpose. So slow and steady should get me back on track and $50 bucks an hour (choke, that I don't have!) I will be healthier and stronger than I have been in years.

Getting excited about going to Anaheim in two weeks too.
I would love to be going with my sis, but that isn't in the cards. The good part is that I will get to hang with EmKayEss! I adore Mary Kay, she is so smart and funny and she is great at putting up with my eccentricities! She just ignores me, LOL!
Lazar has some very cool line updates and it will be great to spend the week with Christina and Terry in the booth!
I am also looking forward to catching up with ALL the people at the show!
Anyway I am going to go drink a bunch of water to try and flush all the lactics that are startng to build up...

Thursday, January 04, 2007


Love the holidays, love the excitement and energy of it all!
I also tend to get a little tired!
So this week I am in recharge mode. No big appointments, deadlines or projects!
IT is so nice.
I got an entire afghan crocheted this week! Seriously! I will take pics and share, it is gorgeous, I totally love the colors and it is so yummy that EV, the kitty gave it the purring seal of approval! It is chocolate brown, turquoise blue and variegated browns. It sounds old school and it totally is! My oldest son told me I was getting extra nerdy on him. I am I admit it!
I also went and had FIVE inches cut off my hair yessterday, yikes!
Fresh color new style with lots more layers in the front and way fewer in the back, good change! I loved how my hair was before, but it was just time for a new look!
I'll get a pic of that too!
So, it is a big beautiful snowy day here, so happy for that! Love the snow!
I am ready to get back on track with my other creative things that were set aside.
New goals of going to the gym and getting my body put back together have been set.
All part of the recharge!
This is the pic of the delish afghan!