Thursday, January 04, 2007


Love the holidays, love the excitement and energy of it all!
I also tend to get a little tired!
So this week I am in recharge mode. No big appointments, deadlines or projects!
IT is so nice.
I got an entire afghan crocheted this week! Seriously! I will take pics and share, it is gorgeous, I totally love the colors and it is so yummy that EV, the kitty gave it the purring seal of approval! It is chocolate brown, turquoise blue and variegated browns. It sounds old school and it totally is! My oldest son told me I was getting extra nerdy on him. I am I admit it!
I also went and had FIVE inches cut off my hair yessterday, yikes!
Fresh color new style with lots more layers in the front and way fewer in the back, good change! I loved how my hair was before, but it was just time for a new look!
I'll get a pic of that too!
So, it is a big beautiful snowy day here, so happy for that! Love the snow!
I am ready to get back on track with my other creative things that were set aside.
New goals of going to the gym and getting my body put back together have been set.
All part of the recharge!
This is the pic of the delish afghan!

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