Thursday, June 07, 2007

April in June

The last two days have been just like April!

Doesn't the world weather guy know that I have four kids out for the school year? Doesn't said weather guy also know that they are wired bundles of energy that NEED to not be inside right now?

I am feeling so bad for them, once I get over my minor annoyance that they are slowly being absorbed into the sofas. Just to be able to kick them outside to play would burn off some of that crazy energy, but I don't have the heart to make them go outside in this weather!

On a different note, Dave and I are having a lot of things going on with long term decisions and tough choices. This is making it really tough for me to get my summer plans into action, we have so much stuff in the air, and we just don't know where things are going to land!

So I have to share this picture. I was flying Southwest (which is not my favorite airline) and they do cattle call seating. This guy to my left reminded me so much of my dad (not in any of the good ways) it just left me laughing to myself the entire flight (which thank goodness was only an hour)!
Anyway, tennis twice yesterday, fresh sourdough bread, two layouts and some good persoanl news made me a very happy girl!

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