Thursday, July 05, 2007


The latest challenge at the StudioWERX Street Team blog is using stitching in a project. (see link in sidebar below)
This was a fun challenge for me, I love to stitch on my projects, so this challenge got done!
As for challenges, life has been giving me a truckload of them lately.
Well yesterday was no exception to the plague of challenges, I got stung by a bee (wasp?) in the middle of a tennis match. Haven't been stung since I was a little kid, but allergy runs in our family. It scared me, and left my shoulder where I was stung quite pained and the fest of me light headed and kind of achy, let alone the grumpy factor.
We spent the afternoon at my brother's house with all of his friends and family, what a fiasco.
It was a little much for me with how my body was feeling.
Anyway, today I have spent in the quiet trying to get my head back onto my shoulders. I have been letting the smallest things get to me, and I really need to get over it!


DonnaSalazar said...

I'm right there with ya sometimes! My little things are not so little anymore (17 years and 13 years). Just kiddin' - sorta - They don't really get to me that bad. I'm lucky that I spend so much time with folks with Alzheimer's and dementia... they help me stay grateful that I have my sanity and my health! Hang in there...
Donna Salazar

Anonymous said...

Hey girl, big hugs!
If you need me you know where to find me:)

also, I'm lovin' the layout!

Rachelle said...

sorry to hear about all the gets that way sometimes. big hugs. love the page :)