Sunday, March 22, 2009

Blustery Sunday

It has been a beautiful week with wonderful spring like weather, something that we have all appreciated! Well today it is very blustery with obvious signs of a cold storm coming in behind it. I was so happy to see my little crocus peeking through the mud the other day, such an appreciated sign of spring! But no sooner than they had sprouted a few blooms, were they soon trampled under the enthusiastic running of the boy-zois. Oh well.
Also in the course of this week, they have found it quite entertaining to open the door of my closet and steal shoes from a shelf. The shoes that they stole and then subsequently destroyed were the two pairs that I had just found during my trip to California for CHA, one was my new favorite because it was low and oh so comfy. The other pair was a gorgeous yellow pair of slingback wedges that hadn't even been worn yet, I had been saving them for the warmer spring weather. Oh well. (I do say that alot with regards to them, LOL!)
The layout that I am sharing here was just published in the Photoplay special issue that simple Scrapbooks produced. It is filled with wonderful ideas, and I was very pleased to have been included in such an inspiring and fun project!
Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!
p.s. we totally miss our boy, I want to thank all of you who left such kind and supportive words, so appreciated!!!


Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Oh you have the patience of a Saint with those boy doggies!!! I would not have been so forgiving... although my yard get's plenty of abuse from critters (goats that sneak in and eat my marigolds in teh fall, new puppies that chew yard flags, chickens on the deck.. etc. etc.).. However,the Yellow slingbacks??? ACK!!!!!

Gorgeous gorgeous layout!!! LOVE the spring coloring with the herringbone stamp, and the pink stitching! lots to adore....

Rachel Carlson said...

warm spring hugs to you. a storm is upon us at some point too. your layout is a great way to welcome spring!