Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Very Knotty Blog Hop

Welcome to the Dazzle-it "Lovely Knots" blog hop :)

What a pleasure it was when the incredibly talented and oh so delightful Carmi Cimicata asked if I would participate in a blog hop with her and the amazing, talented friends she has!

I personally am not nearly as knotty as my darling daughter Chloe is, but we decided it would be a fun challenge to take on together and to have the opportunity to share some creative time. She picked up the instruction book and in no time had made a multiple "Double Coin" knot bracelet. (so cute!!)

 I on the other hand, was a bit daft to the initial concept of the hop which was to create Chinese knots, and so I proceeded to do a basic "Boondoggle" bracelet which was easy (and literally anyone can do!) with this gorgeous cord. I finished it with a button, and added some chunky charms. As you can plainly see, I am not so knotty yet  :)

Then Chloe and I sat down together, and we started to create a project together. The first draft was a little rough, so we took it apart and did an easier and edited version of what my mind had envisioned.
She made the coin knots, and I slid the beads on and tied them with the sliding knot so it is a very adjustable and easy to wear piece. I love the bright red beads with the crisp aqua, such a stunning color combination that packs a ton of pop!

I am so inspired and we have a little bit of cord left, so I have another project in mind already! Chinese knotting with the Dazzle-It "Lovely Knots" cord is loads of fun, and a great way to spend some crafty time with your important people :)

Have fun getting Knotty!


Laura Weed said...

Terrific projects!! And you'll be thrilled to learn that the "boondoggle" bracelet is, in fact, a Chinese Knot according to the Chinese Knotting website! YAY! You win! All the pieces are just delightful!

Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

These are all fantastic and brilliant! I love what you and your daughter did! So wonderful!
jean xox

TesoriTrovati said...

I love that you did this with your daughter! I think that all are great. I would like to try that knot but I was less adventurous. Thanks for sharing! This has been fun. Enjoy the day. Erin