Monday, November 02, 2009

How is it Hanging?

I had a Monday filled with interesting and fun emails today! The morning started bright and early with an email that had pictures attached from Tyler and how he spent his Halloween in Brazil. They ate the insides out of a few watermelons, carved some fun faces on them and put in candles. We really missed him, I am sure it was a time when he missed us very much as well. I love getting these notes from him, for one minute it feels like he isn't half a world away.

The Zva Creative Design Team was announced, and I am thrilled to be included amongst that talented group of artists. I will be getting all of their information onto my sidebar, I hope you take a few minutes to go visit them, I think you will be impressed as well!

I was also sent an email today letting me know that I was a winner in the "Love" category of the World Card Making Day contest that Paper Crafts sponsored. I wish I could show you that card, so cute! But instead I am sharing the other card that I sent in. This card just makes me so happy when I look at it. It is totally wacky, but it makes me smile!

And I was invited to participate in the Ranger CHA 2010 Designer Challenge. That is going to be so much fun! Looking forward to getting the details on that, but I love making a mess, and this will be a great way to get a good one going!

A few things in my life have been pretty challenging, and without going into sticky details let's just say that I have a heart that hurts from it all. So I feel very blessed that my Heavenly Father has given me some wonderful opportunities to balance it out on the other side. I do believe that it really helps you appreciate the wonderful things that happen when you have the hard knocks too. So often it seems that things are so easy for others, but it is because we usually only see the surface. Everyone has tough times to endure, so if you are going through something similar, try to find the bright spots and really focus and appreciate those instead. It really makes me feel better when I do that, hope it works for you too!

Attitude of Gratitude going on here...



B : ) said...

I LOVE that card!! Very nice gratitude thoughts too. Here's the one I always tell myself, and others if they need it:

It's all good, even dog poop, because that means you have a dog. And as an added bonus it means you can feed your dog.

Works every time : ) Peace. B :)

Nimue said...

Love your card. Love your blog. Love your thoughts. You go girl! - Nimmy

Rachel Carlson said...

b. it is SO great to hear all of this amazing news - i knew something like this was just around the corner, i had a feeling at least. i am SO very proud of you - HUGE congrats! you are still in my thoughts and i continue to be here for you - just let me know *wink* - my heart is that big - yes it is! i absolutely LOVE that card too. ♥rachel

Unknown said...

thinking of you girlfriend

and um...that card just rawks!!

Kim Mraz said...

oopse...I was in the Zva's me :)

Shemaine Smith said...

Wow Wow and Wow!! So happy for you! I love visiting your blog and can't wait to see your Zva creations!!