Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

The turkey is in the oven, rolls are rising and the yams are mashed and ready to be baked. It is at this time that it is so easy to see the bounty that I have in my life and recognize my Heavenly Father's gift of tender mercies to me in this chaotic world. I have the opportunity to spend the day with my 3 beautiful children that are at home and pray for and appreciate the one that is serving in a far away land. And shed a few grateful tears for all that this is, because for me it is all that matters. We have health, shelter, love and peace in our lives and these are so priceless in our world today.
Today I get to take my time putting together a menu that each of us appreciates, and we don't have to rush off anywhere or have anything done in a certain way or by a particular time and that is such a blessing. We can sit and visit about the silly, the spiritual or the cultural and have no reason to judge, just appreciate that we have this time. And I can do it all while wearing an apron with a headband that matches, and my kids love me all the more for being a complete goofball. And for all of that, I am so grateful.



Rachel Carlson said...

hope it was absolutely perfect! love and HUGE hugs, rachel

Brenda Hurd said...

you look so cute - I MISS YOU!!!

Stamp Sew Much said...

Yes you are so right!

Megan said...

You're so stinkin' cute. Love the headband!