Tuesday, June 02, 2009

I love fast cars!!!

I love fast cars, from the sleek exotics to the big American muscle, the faster the better! I think one of those things that I would have tried to do if I could go back in time (not that I would because re-doing high school is one of my worst nightmares) but trying to figure out how to get into racing cars would be the coolest thing! Just a few days ago I was at Kim's and we passed one of those old restored Camaros with hot rod red paint and white racing stripes, I have to admit that I gawked and then gushed! Poor Kim having to listen to my crazy talk! My husband wants to strangle me every time I dream of someday buying some slick little exotic that would surely get me into constant trouble with the local law. Probably a good thing we can't afford one, LOL! So in the mean time I am living vicariously through my GM stamps! This Camaro collage just makes me happy to look at, and I love that it is a beach setting, seriously old school cool!!
This image releases today, and I used Ranger Archival Sepia and Rust Antiquities embossing powder for the title. Design tip is to paper piece the car and then for dimension use an embossing pen to fill in the title sprinkle the embossing powder and then heat. It really is a quick card, and with Father's Day just around the corner it will be a tough call on who to give this to, I know all the dads in my life would love to get it!
As for me, pretty sure the real deal isn't in my future anytime soon so I am just going to have to be content busting around town in my huge Yukon XL. I drive it like I stole it, and with just over 200,000 miles on it, you know it has seen some serious road tripping and car pooling days! It is a member of our family and would be sad to know that I was coveting a different style of ride. But it has a BIG block eight, so plenty of get up and go for what I need...



p.s. It has an engine safety mechanism that governs the engine when it gets to 100 mph. Don't ask how I know, just do...


Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Oh my gosh, Becky!

I LOVE this post! About cars and coveting something speedy... I am the same way!!!! Hmm.. I'm 47.. Is it midlife? LOL!

I spent lots of fun cruzin' nights during High School with my Camaro and Firebird Friends, and Shelby's, and Mustangs... The 70's were hot hot hot when it came to fun cars!!!!

Thanks for the walk down memory lane.
And as a side note: My Ford Exploder has 142,000 miles! NO joke! Also a V8... and it will be a sad day when it kicks the bucket - but hoping for 250,000!!!

Brandy J. said...

That was some serious car talk! I dated a guy in high school who drove a restored '66 Mustang. I got pretty good at looking at old Mustangs and figuring out what year they were built, but that is nothin' compared to you! Cute card!

Ranger and Tanner said...

great card beks...next time your in CO you need to visit ducky, I don't know much about cars but she's got a beauty in her garage, you'll swoon

Anonymous said...

My dh says you might be able to get a special chip to override that ;). My guess is that governor isn't on the FBI yukons... So thanks to you I learned a new thing about my car...LOL...although I am thinking I drive like a grandma after this post!