Monday, February 09, 2009

Can you feel the love?

Man, I am so blessed!

Thanks so much to all of you who have left comments, sent positive thoughts and taken time to pray for us! It has been a long weekend and a lot of driving up and back to the hospital. Friday we had a great meeting with all of the staff that is involved with his care, and came up with a longer term plan. We explained it to him, and while he "understands" he isn't thrilled and asks when he will get to come home. I am emotionally exhausted, but relieved that we made it over a pretty rough road this last week. He looks soooooo much better than last week, and may be able to get home as early as Wednesday, so happy! I will be heading up again tonight, and it is my FAV tv night, so you know the dvr will be busy trying to catch it all!

I was out cruising a couple of my favorite blogs, and lucked into Celeste's post sharing a freebie and a great idea for valentine's day! She is such a super clever, and uber crafty girl! I loved how she used her digi papers from PcLayers, but decided to use some of those gorgeous scraps that I just can't bear to throw away! So in honor of Celeste I used my delish Basic Grey scraps for this little project!

I did download Celeste's freebie, and it rocks! When I was done putting those together, I got out my circle cutter and cut a bunch of circles.

To correspond with the pictures:

Step 1: What finished "fortune cookies" look like!

Step 2: Stamp on the backside of the patterned paper, now it can be the frontside if you wish!

Step 3: Stamp a sentiment on the inside if you don't want to print out fortunes.

Step 4: Poke hole for brad or use adhesive to get the opposite sides to stick, but don't crease or fold!

Step 5: Insert fortune

Step 6: Fold toward center, this takes a little practice. The backside folds down while the center meets in the middle, picture how a fortune cookie looks and the thinner the paper, the easier this is to accomplish.

Step 7: Use some adhesive between to get the two sides to stick

Step 8: I used a little bobby pin to just lightly hold so I wouldn't have to ;o)
Step 9: Use a die cut for a take out box, mine is from Accu-cut. Stamp one panel at a time and mask the others so that each one looks nice!
Step 10: Fold and apply adhesive to flaps.
Step 11: Put it all together, then use a fun piece of ribbon for the handle.
Step 12: Put valentines into box and deliver!!!

I edited the pics differently so the post wouldn't be so long. If you have any questions please let me know!!!
Hope you had a wonderful Monday...
and can find time to have a crafty week!


celester said...

i loved that you stamped the back, genius, i wish i had thought of that! and so glad you liked the project, thanks for the shout out!

Houston said...

So cute and fun! Thanks for sharing those Becks and Celeste!

Rachel Carlson said...

i just blogged about that today - ha! good to hear that things at the hospital are getting worked for a plan, etc. you are continuously on my mind and in my thoughts. hugs, rach