Saturday, February 16, 2008

Back home...

Teresa, her husband Ty and I traveled home late Wednesday evening, and got home to a huge snow storm. When Dave picked me up, we took Ty and Teresa home and it took almost 45 minutes instead of the 15- 20 it should normally have taken. Thank goodness Dave is great about that stuff because Teresa didn't want her teenage daughter driving in that storm to pick them up at the airport. Eighteen inches.
We let the kids stay home and have a snow day and a day for me to catch up with them and just spend the day lolling, good times!
So of course there are piles of laundry, my scrap room is a disaster area and all of the stuff brought home from the trip needs to be put away. But can I just say that Dave is amazing and took care of so much while I was gone and is seriously a saint!

This is what I came home to with Nikolay...
Dave told me he was a little trouble maker the whole time (yes Nicole, that is the darling picture holder you made me, he thinks it is a toy!). I found random shoes in odd places, obviously carried there by a bored little pup! He missed me, so of course I got the cold shoulder all day Thursday, LOL! By yesterday he was willing to talk to me again and we had a good couple of plays in the back yard!
Of course he grew a ton! He looked like such a big boy when I got home! Almost all of his baby teeth are out and being replaced by his pretty adult teeth. At about 4:00 every afternoon he starts to get really hungry and will lay and put his paws around the bowl and his head on it.
I missed the kids and Dave so very much this trip, but I have to admit that when I would call I would ask how the puppy was doing first! Bad mommy!
Anyway, I didn't take my camera with me, so if you have pics and would share, please email me!
So much more to share, so hard to remember everything!
Rundown of show tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

glad you are back! can't wait to catch up...that puppy is so cute - I just love his darling face...

Brenda Hurd said...

sound like you had a good trip! Your so funny with that puppy - he is right up there with the kids isn't he!

Kim Mraz said...

whoa baby!
he's growing
tons I see!!