Tuesday, October 09, 2007


It is that time of year! The Halloween decorations are out, the kids are talking about costumes and what they want to be!

I love it!

Such a wonderful excitement to the holiday that no other brings! Truly a great time to be a kid!
The bummer is that the candy mocks me!
I love sweets, and I usually have great will power, but this time of year is a little harder for me! We live in a tiny cul-de-sac that is rarely visited by trick-or-treaters, so we reward all visitors with the big candy bars! It is just so hard for me to not sneak one or two or them (a day, LOL!)
So for all the mommies that have candy bowls mocking them, there is a treat for you that will not remain on your hips!
Celeste has some darling freebie treats that are sure to inspire and let you enjoy the tricks of the season!
And of course for all who know me a little too well and have had to listen to me use the word tragic far too often, in completely inappropriate circumstances, I now have wordart to further my "tragic" existance, so now you have to read it as well!
The kit that this freebie goes with is going to be released tomorrow, and it is amazing! I (and my tragic family) are completely smitten by Tim Burton and this kit has been inspired by him. Celeste has absolutely channeled Tim in this, and it is beautifully haunting!!!
So I will be working on tons of spooky projects with this kit!
And I will be sharing my tragic work, so be prepared!


Kim Mraz said...

yummmmy Bek...stay away from those dark ones!!

Anonymous said...

oh bek, and you my dear are genuinely TRAJIC - hee, hee! you've inspired me tonight so thank YOU. i went to download the freebie and already playing with it too - ha! tragically, mine will have to wait to be finished for tomorrow! loves, rach

Anonymous said...

meant to say TRAGIC - see, i'm tragically TIRED -ha! loves, rach

Brenda Hurd said...

yummy - i have the same problem here. Love what you did with the picture - it looks so cool.