Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Sunday!

Easter was a beautiful day here, church was wonderful and the kids had a great day!

I am always so grateful to see the green back in the yard, to hide the eggs and smell the fragrance of the hycinth in the air!

I am a tough egg hider too, we have been doing a golden egg, and it is one of the hardest to find! This year I bought a few extra golden eggs, so there were three instead of one big one.

The kids really enjoyed this, and managed to find them all!

I think we hid about 150 eggs and then a few little random pre-wrapped candies.

Lots and lots of sugar!!!

I myself have consumed almost an entire bag of those evil little Cadbury Royal Dark eggs, they are so YUMMY!

Tyler didn't hunt for eggs this year, sad day for me!

He bribed Carter to share some eggs for a Squirt soda!
Love my boys, they are so cute!
Laurel got home late from Las Vegas and she had a great time, such a "big" experience for her!
So proud of her and her willingness to try new adventures!
So tomorrow they go back to school and I will miss them, but summer break is not far off!

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