Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Been a While

Things have been a little hectic around here, so I have had to let a few things slide.
Obviously the blogging was one of them, LOL!
Heroes, seriously addicted to this show!
I mean really how stinking cool is this whole thing anyway?!!!!
24 is of course on at the same time so tivo is also way busy at our house!

So I did manage to get Tyler back into the tux and took a few pics, he looked very handsome and was a little more cooperative about the camera thing because he wasn't stressed about the date, prom, dinner, dance, entertain, hang out and be cool thing.

Laurel has been learning how to do handstands (in the house!!!???)
She was never interested in tumbling as a kid so it never happened.
Well, now all 5'10 of her is into learning how to do a handstand with the eventual goal of maybe even being able to walk on her hands.
This has all been inspired by the movie "Stick It", which is quite cute and very teenage girly!

Chloe hasn't been feeling well for the last few days, the sinus/sorethroat ick, it has made her miserable! I think she is on the upswing though, and should be back to right quite soon!

I got my Scrapologie kit in the mail yesterday (finally!!) and in it was a Heidi Swapp stamp that said "today" very simple very cute.
Well Carter saw it and said "this must be for me!" So every day you can stamp "Today was a good day to be Carter!!" I LOVE this guy! He is always so happy and FUN!
I had a small glitch in my track yesterday. I was all dressed and running out the door to get to my tennis groups, and decided to blow my nose before I left.
Seemed like a good idea at the moment, but this is something I have to be super careful about, and so as I gently blew, so did my entire membrane inside my nose.
Both sides for about 45 minutes.
I know, oversharing.
But really, I had to cancel on two groups. Tennis people do not like to be canceled on when they are dressed and ready. So I felt like a complete dirtbag, and to boot, I was sick all day!
Dizzy and lightheaded, so lame!
Anyway, with all the good stuff going on a little bump in the road is no big deal!



Jana said...

Oh Sweetie, sorry about your nose & that you had to cancel. Please take good care of yourself! LOVE the tux & bare feet pic, love that idea!! Hope you have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

see, it worked! what a guy to get dressed up for you again! can't wait to see it on a page! hugs, rach