Monday, June 05, 2006


I know I am weird.
This is not a fact that would be disputed by anyone who knows me, some are nice in describing me as unusual, but I enjoy the march to my own drummer!
This being said, I LOVE Mondays.
I feel like it is a chance to get everything started out with fresh energy and to look at things with fresh eyes.
I am watching tennis this morning, the French Open, it is very exciting and educational. But what taught me someting this morning was an ad for a fund management group. The concept behind the ad was that adversity and challenges do not shape your character, they reveal it. This thought just really struck me right this morning. I had a very adverse and challenging weekend, and in spite of my trials, I really enjoyed it.
This ad let me appreciate myself in a whole new way. There are not many people who would do what I did, and do it well.
I received packs of critiques from CK that I went through last night. I was exposed to approximately 200+ people over the weekend in the classes I had taught for Mel. I had received many kind words of appreciation and about 95% of the critiques had given me excellent in the rating. The part that frustrated me was that there was a handful of people who were really disappointed in me and in the project. I feel disappointed for them that I didn't meet their expectations. But in the grand scheme of things, I realy pity that a more advanced person felt the need to attend a beginner level class just to be in the company of a certain instructor. These people were very harsh in their critiques, and then went on to bash me on a message board. The sad part about this is that they have not considered the position Mel must have been in to even ask me in the first place, or the people who would not have had a wonderful experience if no one had been there at all to present the project.
This adversity I believe has helped me to see that in my character, I have some fine points. I am unusual, but I am caring, fun, creative, and willing to endure uncomfortable situations to help my friends. Thanks go to the people who appreciated and enjoyed that I was there, doing the best I could! Patience goes to those who were disappointed.
Through the years, I have learned the very hard way that no one can be all things to all people. But thanks to the ad on the tv I had the realization, I am not sad that these people didn't like me, I am glad that I have the character to take on challenging situations.
Thanks go to the woman who told me I was a ray of sunshine. Thanks go to the woman who stayed in the class even when she figured out she was in the wrong one because she was enoying the class so much. And Thanks go to Mel for believing in me.

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cindy said...

Hey Beck,
I just want you to know that i think your an amazing gal!
We all know that we can't please people who can't find good in just one small thing. They walked into that class with a mouth full of nasties... there was nothing you could have done to stop them. It sucks when things like that happen, but my dear friend, in the end don't let them keep you down. Rise above them and believe in yourself... you are an awesome person! You have friends that love you and care about you because of who you are!
~ Love a girly! ~Cindy