Monday, February 06, 2006

More CHA pics!

It was so great to get to meet Kelly Angard at the Memory Makers booth while she was doing her make-n-take! And lucky Rox and I, guess who else is there, YUP! Sonda! Yea us!
I have to PLUG Kell's book, it is so rockin'! She has it beautifully organized, and of course her work is such eye candy anyway! FABULOUS! So getting to hang with Kelly after doing the ATC swap was really fun!

Of course, I LOVE Sonda! She is amazing and that is that! We first got to meet at CKU-M in Anaheim, and it was such a blast! But meeting Baylee and Dwayne was so cool, awesome family! Next year a PEAs day at Disney is definitely in order, LOL!

Anyway, want to post more pics from CHA, I just have to torture Rox to get them. That is part of my evil plan, and then world domination through scrapbook brainwashing and hypnosis, hehehehe!

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