Friday, January 27, 2006

The last Friday of January 2006

In other words, where did it go?
This month has slid by.
Going to a fundraiser for Dad's Charter school in Spanish Fork tonight, he is really nervous and excited, I am so happy to see him successful and involved here in Utah ! The first few years of his and Mom's move from Oregon were less than stellar in his enthusiasm level! It is great to see him emotionally and physically happy at last!
Played tennis today and had a good morning at it. I was actually calm, but absolutely plastering the ball at the same time. A nice feeling, and won too!
Still trying to decide if I am going to enter Hall of Fame. I have most of my entry done, but I am not sure if I have a strong enough entry to make it a worthwhile venture. I just get so invested, and it is disappointing to get rejected. I know there are sooooo many way talented people doing it (and there always will be) so my chances are non-existant, but I still think that I grow from the experiences so that is why I keep doing these crazy things!
Any way, going to go finish getting laundry done. I need to start packing for the trip to Las Vegas that Rox and I are taking to go work at CHA.
That will be a big wooooo hoooo!

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