Friday, August 13, 2010

Ghost Falls Hike is Awesome!

It was the perfect August morning for a hike, and how lucky am I that my FAB friend Jen Shaerer had a wonderful place to take a hike to! We spent about an hour and a half round trip hiking to this beautiful spot called Ghost Falls. Honestly if Jen hadn't been with me I wouldn't have likely found it on my own. I was also surprised that water would still be running this time of year, but Jen explained that it is from ground water and not melt so it is there most the year round. A good portion of the hike is through scrub oak and is well sheltered from the sun for most of the trail. After a week that was filled with life's little nuggets of disappointment, this was a fantastic treat!



Kathy W said...

This looks like a great place to go; how do you get there? Is it near Draper?

Becky said...

It is in Draper, just park at the Draper park n' ride and head in from there. Very great place to go, trails are maintained beautifully!