Monday, June 14, 2010

Are Your Teens Talented, Creative and Needing a Summer Project?

Creating Keepsakes might have the solution to your teens needs!
This summer they are holding a Teen Talent Search to find the next generation of scrapbooking talent! Is your teen between the age of 13 -18? Then this fun contest could hold the key to finding them something to do this summer that could be rewarding in many ways. by creating projects to send in for the contest they will not only be keeping their memories but will also be expanding their creative talents, a side bonus is that they might be the big winner!
The participants can submit as many projects as they want from June 15th to August 31st. The Creating Keepsakes team will choose the finalists. Click here for a complete look at the rules.
This is something that I would have loved to do as a kid, how about you? What a fantastic opportunity Creating Keepsakes is providing for our next generation of memory keepers!
Even if you don't have a teen, if you know one that would maybe interested in something fun like this, be sure to pass the information along!

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