Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Laura!!!

It is a very special girl's birthday today and a few of us have gotten together to help her celebrate in a way that she will always remember!

Happy 40th Birthday Laura Vegas!!!

Laura is a wonderfully talented scrapper whose delightful work has graced many pages of magazines. But in my opinion, this isn't what makes her amazing. What I think sets Laura apart as an exceptional woman is that she is a person of substance, authenticity and genuine kindness.

To let Laura know how excited I am that she is joining the over 40 club, so she can hang out with me more ;o) I have made her a little card that reminds her what she is now that she has made it into this elite group...

But of course the fun doesn't end with me, to keep the celebration going you need to hop on over to Doris Sander's blog and see what is going on there!!

If you have joined the party in the middle and would like to start at the beginning, Lynn Ghahary is the official center of this soiree!!

And if you want a very clever and informative read about Laura and her first Forty years, pop over to her blog and have some giggles! She has included pictures and stories that are very funny!!

Laura, I hope that your next forty are as much fun and as memorable as your first forty!!!
Best wishes for a wonderful day and an exciting year!!



Unknown said...

how fun is this?! What a great way to celebrate! Love your card B and happy birthday laura!

Jessica said...

What a beautiful friendship! Sweet sweet idea for this blog hop! HB Laura!!

Nichol Magouirk said...

beautiful card!!!

laura vegas said...

you're so sweet becky! i've been holding it together as i've read through more of these posts tonight ... but you just made me tear up a little. lol! thank you so much for participating in this ... it really made my birthday 40 times more special, and i'll never forget it! so glad that we got to know each other at CHA (since we were following each other around ;)), and become friends :)