Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Finished Chloe's Blanket

She is so happy to have a new blanket to snuggle up in as winter comes upon us! We went to the store and picked out the yarn together, and then I spent a good chunk of time every evening last week crocheting row upon row of love. It is a soft and very warm blanket for how light it is, and the colors are beautiful, the combination she selected is very soothing and subtle. We are going to go get some more yarn tonight so she can learn how to crochet, she wants to make a blanket as a Christmas gift for her boyfriend. Very excited that she wants to try this hobby, and I hope that she finds it as enjoyable as I do.
It is wonderful to have things to share with your teen daughters, and this will be a nice way for us to spend time together. I might even have to learn a few more stitches ;o)



Rachel Carlson said...

looks lovely and warm. i have VOWED to stay away from yarn. a good thing that i have several local friends that knit/crochet for me - WHEW. it's bad enough that i now own FABRIC. warm hugs! ♥rach

Anonymous said...

this looks perfectly cozy, i love it! how do you do so much? you blow my mind daily.

Julie said...

that blanket is beautiful. I love her color choices. She has great taste and a talented mom!