Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bye Jaye...

One of my dearest friends is moving to Idaho on Tuesday, sadness...

I have known Jaye since I moved to Utah, we have been playing tennis together for years, and we have watched each other mature as players, but also as friends. I know I will be seeing her now and then, so it isn't tragic, but it will be hard having someone who is so integral to my life's schedule not be around on a day to day basis. Just the week before, another very dear friend moved to SoCal with her cute husband and darling little son, and it was harder because if I do see her it will be a very rare day. At least with Jaye, she will be back and forth because of her family that is still here, and she promised to make opportunities to spend time with her tennis girls.

To honor her, we had a wonderful luncheon, after some time on the court. I made a little tag book as a "card" so that everyone would have their own little page to write her a note and share a memory or two.
We also gave her some guitar music to remember us by, and I made a little folder that she could keep it in that would remind her of how much we love and appreciate her.

Having your friends make life changes is hard, they move on and get new lives, but they leave holes in our hearts when they are gone. I hope that these two dear girls remember how much they are appreciated and also take the time to enjoy the wonderful new adventures they are bound to have with the new fantastic friends that they are bound to make! These girls are so great that people would be nuts not to swoop them up the second they meet them! Anyway, it reminds me to really treasure the people who are your true friends and who are always there for you when you need them!

Take a second to hug your dearies, and don't forget to get a picture with them too. Life moves so fast, make sure to catch a little of it with your camera! I have tried, and yet I still wish I had done it more.


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Rachel Carlson said...

awwww, how sweet of you to do this for your friend. i know that you will miss her yet will be in constant touch. HUGE hugs sweet girl and 'warm' hugs. not sure if we are sending a wall of snow your way so get ready. my thoughts of you have been constant and i'm cheerin' you on over here. loves!!!