Monday, February 16, 2009

Out with the old, In with the new...

Okay, I will admit, my tennis shoes were getting ready to go on my "B" list. They were getting close to having the sole worn through on the toe and of course they didn't smell so great. But it wasn't time for them to hit the bin. They had a little help getting to that place. And I am sure you can all guess who the helpers were...

Of course after the laces were chewed through, the sole destroyed (can you believe how powerful their jaws must be to do that? Remind me not to stick my head in the lion's mouth...) and the lace up support separated from the sole and laces. Retirement far too soon.

So they had to be replaced, I love this brand of shoes because a percentage of the purchase price is donated to the Susan G. Komen foundation. The perfect fitting shoe and a cause that is near and dear to me, good stuff. Unfortunately they are expensive, so hurts when this kind of thing happens, but what else to do, give up tennis? NEVER!!!!


Have I mentioned that I have an addiction to the CHF "Houndstooth" backgrounder? I used it on this picture frame that I made for this picture of Tyler. He is leaving in a few short weeks for two years to serve in the Cuiaba, Brazil mission. It is hard preparing his stuff to get him on his way, and I made this to remind me that I just wish the best for him. He can best attain that if I leave him to his own choices. He has changed and matured so much in the last few months, and I am so proud of his growth and decision making ability.

Also, my dad has improved a little each day. He is hoping to get back to his home in a few days, and I am proud of how courageous he has been, and how hard he has tried to stay on track. This is his Valentine that I made for him. He had needed some little things like citrus twist tic-tacs and cholula packets from 7-11 for his breakfast eggs. This was a little way to remind him that he was loved and to hold all of those little things that he had requested.
I am so grateful for everyone sending positive thoughts and for those who have remembered us in their prayers, thank you so much.

Anyway, hope everyone had a very lovely Valentine's Day and a restful and respectful President's Day today.


Brenda Hurd said...

dude - those dogs - they know how to chew things up don't they - i guess its a good thing you love them so much! Love the frame and wishing tyler the best! XO

Houston said...

Ahhh, the Boy-zois, such trouble but in handsome packaging!
Love the frame, you have me so addicted to that one too! My prayers will be with Tyler and continue to be with your Dad, you are strong and wonderful mom and daughter... it takes a lot to let you little ones go. Isn't it wonderful to know they are in God's hands!
PS Love the Valentine for you dad, I guess the love for 7-11 runs in the blood!

Megan said...

Ohhh, those mischevious babies. I like the new shoes, though. At least it isn't a total loss. ;)

Monica Anderberg said...

I really love your scrapping. Your blog is beautiful and so inspiring. Thank you for sharing!

BR/ Monica at

celeste said...

the infamous shoes! i've heard so much about them it's fun to actually see a photo, too perfect.