Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Creativity Kit goodness!

I have been getting a few hits from Celeste's blog, and went back there to see what it is that might be interesting here...
I think I have it figured out, here is a link back to last year's freebie if you like that kind of thing ;o)
Also wanted to share my project that I had made for the Scrapbooker's Creativity Kit that was written by the super cute and Oh So very talented Claudine Hellmuth. This mini-album was so fun and easy to make! I used my bind-it-all after I had the pages made, and it was done in an evening! I will admit that the heavy lifting had been done before I sat down to create. Because I had my colors selected, and the concept to work around, all I had to do was find the pictures and the products that went along with what I had in mind. That is one of my biggest endorsement points for this kit! I sometimes get so bogged down
in what to make, in what color and what will my title/theme be...
Playing with this kit opens so many doors by cutting down on that wasted time thinking and leaving more time for the fun part, the creating!!!
Now all I need is more time in my day for all of the things I want to play with! Anyone have any suggestions on how to find some of that?


Mary Kay said...

I think I need to look into that!

word veri: phype

Houston said...

Ummmm... no... but if you find out how to sqeeze some in let me know! BTW that mini is rockin'! Have a great Valentine's Day Weekend!
PS The word it game me is it trying to tell me something? ;)