Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy (e) Mail Day!!!

I am a lucky girl, evidence has been posted often enough that there is no arguing that point.
But today was one that really helped lighten my load and lift my spirits! This wonderful envelope arrived in my mailbox today, and I thought it would be fun to share how FAB a package from Cornish Heritage Farms is.
So the first thing to notice is that this is shipped priority, no waiting anxiously for days on end for your beloved treats, they are sent out and arrive in a few short days. Also, if your order is over $35.00, it is shipped for free!! Yes, free!!! And trust me getting to that point with all of the SUPER FUN art that is released each month, it is SUPER EASY!!! (okay, that is a little enabling, but saving money on shipping is a BIG DEAL!!!)
The next thing to notice is how beautifully packaged these stamps are! Liz and Tricia pack these babies with loads of love! They are neatly stacked, organized and then placed in a SUPER SOFT little bed of FUN bubble wrap! (man I still love playing with that stuff!!!)

The next thing to notice is how many FAB stamps can fit in that tiny envelope, impressive eh?
See, such a lucky girl! I am so proud to work with this company, everything CHF does is with
quality, workmanship and integrity.
And it is SUPER Fun to boot!
I got a few emails for projects today too, and even a phone call asking for a layout that had found its way to a publication a few weeks ago. That is such a wonderful boost to my energy level right now, gives me the mojo to go back to my craft room and make some more fun stuff!
A little more good news is that my dad is scheduled to go home Thursday! YAY!
It has been a very Happy (e) Mail Day!!


Rachel Carlson said...

happy mail day indeed. congrats on all of your little surprise emails as well. i was checking in to see status of your dad, happy to know that he will be on his way home, you have been in my thoughts! hugs, rach

Houston said...

Happy, Happy Day!

Valerie said...

Hey there~

Brenda Hurd said...

Yay for you on the pubs! So glad your father is going home! That does look like some Happy Mail! I've received their mail and it is delicious!