Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sorry to have been so long between posts!

I always feel like I have such a boring and uneventful life, and then I realize it isn't boring or uneventful, just lots and lots of little things that are hard to capture! Like for instance, Some weeks my husband will be gone out of town for 2 or 3 days for work, that leaves me as a single parent! For getting each of my teenage kids to each of their different schools, I will drive an average of 65 miles a day. That doesn't include any of the errands or appointments that I might have or that are outside of their school hours. Doing my job as the Marketing Director for Cornish Heritage Farms is a 3 day a week gig that I love, and it uses a good chunk of those hours that are not being used by the kids. I also have the responsibility of running the "Be Creative" blog for Cornish Heritage Farms! When I am not enjoying any of those activities, my other hobby of tennis that I use for exercise, friendship and mental well being uses a couple of hours a few mornings a week, good times!!! Add all the other little life incidentals, and well, it gets darn hectic around here, LOL!
So while I am often too hard on myself, it does make me feel better when I step back a little and look at all of the things I have the opportunity to participate in, and all of the blessings that come from the time I spend doing these activities, and I remember that my life isn't boring and I am definitely getting plenty done! I think I could make a list that is a couple hundred items long of all that I have to be grateful for in a few hours if I didn't get writer's cramp first!
Thanks to all of you who join me here at my little bloggy and share these little bits of my life with me, I appreciate all of you so much!!!
So with that, on to more interesting items!!!
A huge sale starts tomorrow at Cornish Heritage Farms!!! HUGE!!!
I am excited about this one, because the more you spend the more you save! Of course I have my favorite lines, but I am in constant wonder with the art that we release, each one gives me the gimmees! Gimmee the new Scrapblocks, amazing! Gimmee the new Backgrounder, so cool! Gimmee the latest Saturday Evening Post, are you kidding me, that bunny is sooooo cute (even if Christmas is just around the corner!) Gimmee ALL of Kim's stuff, I could be lost for hours in the fun and whimsy of her art! Gimmee GM because my dad and all the other dudes in my life can get behind that all day long!!!
Seriously, where does it end? It doesn't! Can I just brag for one second on this fantastic company? The art that is scheduled for release in the next year is delicious!!! We have it all! Brag over...
I am a lucky girl, and while my job requires me to make tough decisions, and being a parent forces me to be the bad guy, I am lucky to have these responsibilites, they don't make me boring (my life is very eventful, LOL!), and I wouldn't trade them for anything!!!


p.s. the card isn't stamped, but it is snowing so hard today, and I just wanted to share a different kind of snow card! KI lace paper and a pink Alexx Kesh flower, just for pretty's sake!


Ranger and Tanner said...

great post! on no not a sale when I;m supposed to be shopping for others...not sure what my sister would do if I stuffed a backgrounder in her stocking.

ps. love the new do

Rachel Carlson said...

a 'breath of fresh air' post - thanks i needed something like that! xoxo, rach

Julie said...

I love having a boring and uneventful life. That is so much better than a crazy life. It could be so much worse.

Megan said...

Good golly, Ms. Molly! 65 miles!? That's crazy. Yes, I would agree that "boring" is not an accurate description at all. More like busy, creative, difficult and exciting!