Monday, December 15, 2008

Do Overs

Do overs...
I use that saying all the time. Sometimes you just need another chance to get it right. It is wonderful when life does give you that chance, and when it comes, it should be taken!
So many times in tennis I want another chance at a ball, but with that, it never comes back, ever. With stamping and scrapping, it is the kind of hobby that gives you as many chances as you have time for to get it the way you want it. But with relationships, sometimes those opportunitites come, and sometimes they don't.
When Chloe had the opportunity to regain a friend after a tumultuous relationship in Jr. High, I was so proud of her for taking it! They had both said and done things that had been hurtful, but both decided that they would like to give each other another chance, and that is wonderful!
I am so proud of Chloe, how she is so kind and generous with her heart. I am trying to learn from her, and treasure her example!
Anyway, I had a chance to make a layout about this event in her life, it will remind her later down the road about what a wonderful person she is.


Rachel Carlson said...

what a fantastic documentation of new beginnings, cheers to chloe and cheers to you for raising such a precious being. hugs, rachel

Megan said...

Hey! I recognize this stinkin' cute page. You're so talented. It was great seeing you today! Thanks for visiting and showing us all of your delightful goodies. :)