Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tug of war anyone?

The babies have had a very busy and creatively destructive week. I really thought that the new bones would slow them down for a bit on the search and destroy program, but that isn't how it worked out. While Dave and I were out for a quiet dinner together at the Porcupine (a favorite local restaurant that is doing an Oktoberfest menu!) the boys got into my make-up bag and chomped it all. When we got home I panicked when I saw red spots on Novak's leg...

They play so hard that little dings and cuts are quite common and require cleaning but aren't devastating.

But this was big globs of red and set me to quite a panic. Then Tyler said, "Mom, I told you that they got into your make-up". Oh, right. Are you kidding me, this is not what I quite had in mind when I visualized that they had made a new mess. Not someone who wears makeup everyday, this was not news that had me upset, it just amazes me what they find to get into trouble with. The make-up bag was left unharmed, just the bits and baubles were strewn around and chewed on. Such goofy boys!

I have unintentionally mislead you with the idea that there is a new baby in the mix. Sorry about that, the layout was just one that I had made telling the story of the adjustment at home, bad timing on sharing it.

So the boys like the tug-of-war with nasty bits of rope that they have chewed off of a big hunk of rope that their dad gave them. The piece that they are holding here is about 15 inches long, and
totally slobbery and gross. Of course that makes it even more fun! They brought it to Laurel and
she got bamboozled into a game with them, and I was lucky to catch a bit of it! They are huge, but she is tough, and they were all pulling each other around the yard with that slimy bit of rope!

Good entertainment!

So if you made it this far in this post, you must be a saint! We really do have other interesting things going on in our lives, but this just felt like a
nice day to tell a longer story.

Hope you have a little creative chaos in your life too...


Ranger and Tanner said...

good thing they're so darn cute! love the pic where they're holding the rope innocent looking.

Rachel Carlson said...

YIPES! i thought i had it bad. and those good looks are sure to cure anything. hugs, rachel

Julie said...

Creativity in my life? That is questionable. Chaos, that is common in my life :)

Paper Smooches said...

omgosh, look at those two with the rope :)

yikes about your make-up...good thing you are so beautiful without it.

Anonymous said...

The 'boys' are just expressing their artistic side, like their momma :)

carole (TruCarMa) said...

Those dogs are GORGEOUS!!!!! Wow!