Thursday, October 23, 2008

The babies...

Are seriously going to be the death of me, LOL!
They are so energetic and curious that nothing is safe from them! The latest victims are pizza boxes that were not put in the recycling bin, a cute plastic halloween cup from a group of 6 that my mom gave us to help celebrate the season, a ceramic skeleton decoration that was knocked off the entry way table, a chapstick (tasted too minty so was chomped just enough to be rendered unusable) the beanie baby bats were all slobbery after they were pulled off of their hanging places on the entertainment center, a few apples from the bowl in the center of the kitchen island and a "gift" left in the dining room. ugh.
It ends up being funny later, but when you walk in on the result of their efforts, not so much.
So to reward them for their hard work I went to the butcher at our market and bought them new bones. This always keeps them out of trouble for a few days, the chewing keeps them from working on something else and the enthusiasm for this work tires them out quickly and they rest better, thus leaving less of a destructive wake. Good times!
In spite of all of this, we just adore the "boy-zois" and can't imagine how quiet (and clean) it would be with out them!
Anyone want to dogsit for us when we have to travel?


mom bug said...

My daughter in law and son do house and animal sitting. either in their home or they will house sit in homes. they also provide a pick up program. She is a certified vet and they have both worked with animals all their lives.


Heather Ulmer said...

haha dogs are sometimes just like that.. They are so darn cute that it make up for it though. love you page

Houston said...

Oh the Boyz, they are very cute if not a little curious. Edgar has been on his own rampage this week due to being inside because of the cold. I came home one day to a pen that he had chewed, praise God it hadn't leaked because he chewed it on my cream and black striped chair. My FAVORITE chair. Next to that was a pair of my earrings, I have no clue what he wanted with those, and a AA batterie... strange combo, but I think he was cleaning the couch cushions ;) I had to create a barrier in the mail slot so that he can't eat any more election booklets, I don't know maybe he needs fiber, anyway it's a great use for some chipboard and duct tape!

Have a great weekend.

Carolyn King said...

beautiful page! great job!