Monday, October 27, 2008

What is better than 120 brand new colored pencils?

Seriously? 120 brand new Prismacolor Premier, unsharpened colored pencils that are now mine!
And what could be better than that? I got them with a 50% off coupon when Jo-ann's had a coupon that I just couldn't turn down! They smell so good, and I get to sharpen them one at a time all by myself, WOOT!
I have always loved coloring, even as a little girl, I would lay down layers of colors and shading. Trying new combinations and stroke weight was something I could do for hours in my grandparents homes while life swirled on around me. I would get lost in the colors and that fabulous crayola smell!
This wonderful bucket of goodness takes me right back to being a kid again, and the thrill of layering and shading has me so excited! I have so many stamps that I can't wait to get inky and then color with these bad boys!
On a different note, I have a happy link to share!
Cornish Heritage Farms has a creative blog! I have been spending a lot of time working on it, and I am thrilled that it is up and running! Stop by tomorrow if you have a minute, I think you will find a lot of reasons to visit often ;)


Rachel Carlson said...

ummmm WoWzers, that looks like tons of fun, enjoy! xoxo, rachel

AK2CO Girl said...

yippee! I love my prismacolors, especially using the white to blend colors oh so pretty, have fun sharpening.

Emily Pitts said...

nothing is better. nothing. :) i'm heading over the check out the creative blog as soon as i get the kiddos to school. i'm sure it's very cool. you did it. :)