Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Just a quick post...

Quite a while ago, the FAB Tia Bennet had posted a fun idea using empty packaging to make party favors. I loved the idea, but with older kids, never had the chance to utilize the idea.
So a few weeks ago I face the empty packaging yet again, and thought to myself, I can make this work differently somehow, just be smarter than the package...

Voila, a little butterfly shaker card!
So a sweet sentiment from the Mona Lisa Moments "Friends" set and a large dot backgrounder from Cornish Heritage Farms, some cute Sassafrass Lass paper, glittered Doodlebug cardstock and my trusty Martha Stewart butterfly punch, and I had a little card that I think would be fun to tie to a gift that is different, you know, a plant or something that might be more disconcerting to attach a regular paper card to. A great way to re-use those packages you have hanging around that you have wondered what to do with!

Still watching lots of tennis, and the men's matches have been amazing! Tonight Roger played Andreev who happened to be playing out of his head, really pushed Roger to dig deep if he wanted to win it! And then Andy was on fire tonight, he just unraveled Gonzo! Woot! Good times!

Other than that, felt off today, a little fever, sore throat and bad tummy. I am sure that I will feel substantially better tomorrow ;o)



Anonymous said...

oh cute i like all the little butterflys

Mary Kay said...

Love the way you talk about tennis, like you know the players personally... When I was little, my parents talked about golf that way: "Sam's in the lead, but Jack's hot on his tail!"

I thought they knew those guys.

My kids are going to think Jon & I know baseball players personally (or at least they would have if they were around when I actually had time to watch baseball).

carolann said...

wow stunning work hun well done xxxx

Megan said...

Wow! You're one talented chica. I love this card. As a matter of fact, all of your projects are super fun! Thanks for sharing them!