Sunday, August 31, 2008

US Open and Major Flair Disaster...

This weekend I have been glued to the tv watching the US Open! There have been some outstanding matches and some that have been less than stellar, but it is always amazing to watch! As a player, I can completely admire and apprecite the skill level that these athletes perform at, seriously incredible! It is also very inspiring for me to want to work on my game and improve my level of competitive play! Love that game!

And whilst watching the Federer/Stepanek match, I made a cute little flair for my facebook friends, and after I sent it the first time, it gave me a re-try message...
So of course being the stubborn and persistent person that I am, I kept re-trying, all three times the message came up. After the third time, I decided it would probably be prudent to wait and send my little gifty later. So I go back to my profile page and find, to my horror, that my generosity had been magnified through the help of technology!

I think I need to learn from this experience that message doesn't mean re-send. It really means get over it and if it is really important to you, try again later.

In other goings on, Cornish Heritage Farms is giving double club points on purchases made through tomorrow! Love that!

And I have made my airline reservations for a trip to Denver to support Scrapbook Destinations "Scrap Pink" fundraiser event. Mary Kay does an amazing job organizing this event, it is fun, inspirational and so touching, great to bond with your sisters for a wonderful cause!

Anyway, I hope that this holiday weekend is relaxing and rejuvinating for all of you, and I am off to watch Andy Roddick play some tennis, lucky me!!!


Ranger and Tanner said...

can't wait to see you! loved the cyber card from the last post too :)

Rachel Carlson said...

looking forward to seeing you again sweet girl. wish i were going to the event - pout! hugs, rach