Thursday, February 28, 2008

Today is Dave's birthday!!!

Happy 42nd birthday big guy! Is it me or does that age seem a lot different than what 42 looked like when I was growing up! Or do we look that much older and we are just to clueless to figure it out...

Anyway, I have to enjoy the next six months while he is "older" than me, LOL!

And here is another peek at what my little piece of news is! The excitement is killing me, can't wait to spill it!

Well short post tonight, we are enjoying some family time for the evening!



claudine hellmuth said...

don't keep us in suspense!!! can't wait to hear the news!!!

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday to Dave!!!!
Love what you did with that stamp . . oh wait is that saying too much?;)
Hope you had a wonderful evening girl, hugs!

rachel carlson said...

happy bday dave!!!

Brenda said...

happy birthday to the big guy! Love he card!