Thursday, February 28, 2008

Another little hint

He is really such a funny little guy! We are spoiling him, just a little... We think there is the distinct chance that another puppy may be in our future! This is part of my big news, and on the other news, still can't share yet, but getting closer! This layout is another hint, and with a little legwork and looking at my linkage you might be able to figure it out!
It is going to be a lot of fun for me, and keep me busy!

Both are things that I love!
PcLayers is getting ready to do some fun again and so is Lazar StudioWERX, there are freebies on the horizon very soon!

Tomorrow if the weather and the puppy are cooperative we will be going out to let him try some racing with the big dogs! It is so great to see these big fast dogs run because they love to! They are so athletic, I will be taking pictures if we get there! Nikolay is such an athletic guy, he just loves to run his little bony butt off! And how does a dog that eats 6-7 cups a day of puppy food stay so skinny? He is just growing and pooping so much!



rachel carlson said...

i've guessed, but am i correct!!?? tell us already. i hope it's what i think it is too! HUGE hugs and loves, rach

rachel carlson said...

OH DUH! LOVE the layout of the furboy - he's SO cute!!!

Aly D said...

okay, i must be really dense! not figuring this out...unless...hmmm?? you're killin' me beck! just tell us...come on, you know you want to! ;)

Aly D said...

p.s. we LOVE nutella at our house. buy it by the case at costco!! yumm!!1

Brenda said...

I am completley oblivious to what you good news could be - but whatever it is - i'm sure you deserve it! great layout - your making me doggie hungry - since there will be no more babies - maybe puppies in my near future!